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  1. good night have a problem with the babayaga DLC Rise of the Tomb Raider dlc usually runs but in trying to complete the challenge of vasijars I need 1 and not as complete as you change the TU's from the 4th through 5th and finally 6 I have the region free default and mid 0A657B25 but does not come out I have seen guides where they are as locations vasijars but I need 1 and does not appear would like to know if someone has the same problem and how to fix it thanks
  2. good night i want to know how i can connect mi pc with mi xbox 360 with aurora for to se mi files in my console i know with fsd i can with samba but with aurora i dont know how so if someone could give me a tutorial thanks
  3. Hello people i want to know how i can fix the problem with Title update in watch dogs? i download the title update from xbuc.net the game MID: 54A95DF1 and then i copy the TU in the folder when start the game this shows that the TU is not compatible because the game was updated in another version i have rgh with dash 16756 and the TU is version 4 anybody knows the solution?. thanks. Attach the default.xex default.rar
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