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  1. I found no reports about original Flatout 2 on Xbox 360, but you should know: it works FLAWLESSLY on hacked emulator. P.S. Never liked music in ultimate carnage.
  2. Many thanks! If you sent it to DreamBoy, no need to send it to me I have patience and will wait for DreamBoy's update. Again thank you and DreamBoy for your work! It is really cool that xbox360 scene is still alive Really good news! Thank you!
  3. Can you post your version of PCSXR here? I think people will really appreciate that. Also, feature to disable\enable framelimit on fly through hotkey will be really great to skip long loadings.
  4. Thank you very much! Seems like your MAME core have no issue with crackle sound in UMK3.
  5. Any news? Cant wait to play standalone fixed versions of emulators with cheats! And cant wait for mame core!
  6. Neocazen, many thanks, but TU69 is unavailable... Can you update the link?
  7. Swizzy, do you know reasons, why they stopped updating x360 version? There was a news around year ago that they will support xbox 360 again, and since then they keep silence...
  8. Thank you for looking into this issue! Its great that someone still interested in xbox 360 scene
  9. Felida, on your video, the chosen menu option is highlighted. On Sega Genesis core, highlight not working. Chosen menu option highlights for a millisecond, then it turns default color and there is no way to see what menu option i've chosen. About cheats: i'm using .cht files from https://github.com/libretro/libretro-database/tree/master/cht/Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis but maybe my roms versions just incorrect. And it will be great to see Mame2003 core with this your additions and modifications, since libretro dont care about 360...
  10. Thank you very much for this mod! But why no mame2003 core? And Sega Genesis cheats not works, and UI is flicking and totally strange...
  11. I assure you, they are 100% identical. I compared them through hexadecimal editor. So, there is only one hacked backwards compability files: 5829, 2007.
  12. felida, i compared 2011 and 2007 files. They have exactly the same size, byte by byte. I think that 2011 is the re-named 2007.
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