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    Welcome to my Freestyle Dash Theme Thread! Been away from the theming scene for some time... got my creative spirit again, so i updated all my old themes. Screenshots: METRO WALL View and METRO COVER View (Thanks Tomamas14) Banner View Bug Fixed: Thanks TeamFSD for all the hardwork you guys done for all to enjoy!!! PLEASE ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST BEFORE COPYING THIS THREAD OR USING IMAGES FOR USE ON ANY OTHER WEBSITES!!!! I do not take credit for the pics used, credit goes to their creators. I merely used pics and edit them for the themes. Hope you guys enjoy them and please leave me any comments/feedbacks! Thanks!!! Many thanks goes to themer, blackened dove for being a great mentor on theming. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have made it this far in FSD theming! Many thanks my friend! After learning from him, I have changed the theme colour from default green to purple. Latest skin.xur gave me a few issues on purple palette for colour bar, thus as a result, I have used dove's skin.xur as a template for my themes. ====================[iMPORTANT - PLEASE READ]==================== RaR Password: xbox360themes97 ======================[LATEST EDITIONS]====================== TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES REMIX SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download NFL - ATLANTA FALCONS SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download NFL - OAKLAND RAIDERS SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT RISES SCREENSHOTS SOON... Download WARCRAFT X STARCRAFT Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MASS SKYCRAFT Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs - 3 Versions Stages - NEW- Got idea from Gromber's MGR theme. Download GTA V Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR SOLID V Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download THE QUEENS OF HEARTS Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BIOSHOCK INFINITE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MARVEL X CAPCOM HYBRID Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR SOLID REVOLUTION Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METAL GEAR RISING: REVENGEANCE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FRANK MILLER'S BATMAN Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BATMAN: UNDER THE RED HOOD Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BLACK OPS NUKETOWN 2025 Wallpaper Content Tabs Download HALO - CORTANA Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MORTAL KOMBAT OUTWORLD Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BEN 10 Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RESIDENT EVIL 6 Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download OUTRUN ARCADE ONLINE Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RUMBLE ROSES TRIPLE-X Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SOUTHPARK Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GUILDWARS Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download CHAINSAW LOLLIPOP Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GEARS OF WAR Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GTA COLLECTION Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FINAL FANTASY WORLDS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SILENT HILL ZERO Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download RESIDENT EVIL: OPERATION RACCOON CITY Wallpaper Content Tabs Download BLEACH RELOADED Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DEVIL MAY CRY Wallpaper Content Tabs Download NARUTO Wallpaper Content Tabs Download NINJA GAIDEN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download MASS EFFECT: SHEPARD'S ELEVEN Screenshot Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DRAGON'S AGE Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DARKSIDERS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download CALL OF DUTY COLLECTION Wallpaper Content Tabs Download EZIO THE ASSASSIN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FINAL FANTASY - SERAH FARRON Wallpaper Content Tabs Download METROID - SAMUS ARAN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GOLDEN AXE - TYRIS FLARE Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SYSTEM SHOCK - SHODAN Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SOUL CALIBUR V Wallpaper Content Tabs Download DRAGON'S CALL Wallpaper Content Tabs Download FANTASIA Wallpaper Content Tabs Download WARCRAFT Wallpaper Download TRANSFORMERS CLASSIC REMIX Wallpaper Download PLANTS VS ZOMBIES Wallpaper Content Tabs Download GOD OF WAR - KRATOS Wallpaper Content Tabs Download SONS OF ANARCHY Download
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    Hi everyone! This is Venom, my first skin. It is based on the "old" Mattex Slide Version: 2.0 Compatibility: FSD 3 rev775 Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Only Wallpapers pack If you want to share this skin please use this bitly link or redirect to this topic (so I can count the number of downloads) For questions, problems, bugs, ... write here in this topic
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    i am not the creator of this skin i just want to share it with you guys. Looking tonight for something different and retro look what i found.... just make me think in that first day...... i think looks a lot better than today's.. just like a game console shut.... Psychomantis59 the designer appearance FSD Gx-mod.com, today issued a revision of its wonderful skin to "Blade" in 2005 (the first dashboard XBOX360) appointed PréNXE 775. This new version is designed to last FSD3.rev775 on kermel 16537. But it also works on the lower Kermels. You will find all the history of this skin in this article from May 2013 For a brief, it supports Kinect and voice commands and gestures, it also brings a host of handy shortcuts that you do not have skin in the SDF base, such as disabling the plugin Link to play true multi network -consoles, the launch of the last game played via HUD, the explorer etc ... and various options available through both HUD (left and right) Available in both U.S. and French versions, the archives contain an installation tools and text files for further customization, such as adding music of his choice or Glass / Carbon tabs appearance. For Fr version, do not forget to replace your defaut.xex FSD by that contained in the archive, it allows the complete translation of FSD and skin. Join us in thanking Pyschomantis59 for the exclusivity of its skin, and its efforts and monitoring. [uPDATE] 09.12.2013 U.S. version EN Changelog: - Added function "scan" in HUD Left - Crop. - Bug - Acknowledgements ================================= French and English Code:PRENXEv2_US_775.rar (80.7 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!dkURjJ5J!OKPK5VmzwBweuLOzpk75dgFBtjEeDzB1VHafHtEjxEM PRENXE+FR+775+Addons.rar (97.3 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!w5dmyIhT!ABveZQ6zq_uut2lSOldrmHdMxj1bwEgN2fuMZVS4UBo ================================= CARBON Blades Pre-NXE 2005 (EN-US) Code: CarbonPRENXE.rar (77.6 MB) https://mega.co.nz/#!to1GCALB!93cxUQLQHukGFIVpcVEu6utw6k6VqUdtABu03CgitYs ================================= Screenshot: Sample:
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    Hello & Welcome to Garzol's FSD Skins _______________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.4 FINAL FSD 3.0 rev 775 (Updated 2013-09-14) The latest and greatest made by me! Features: A totally new interface inspired by the new consoles! Everything has been changed! A LOT of animations 3 animations which you can choose from which runs together with your background 50 Backgrounds to choose from 3 Completely redesigned game menus And a much much more! PlayBox One Layout: Xbox360 > XBLA > Emulator > Xbox Classic > Homebrew PlayBox Kinect Layout: Xbox360 > XBLA > Kinect > Xbox Classic > Homebrew Child Proof Edition (CPE): PlayBox One CPE skin version is made for parents so that they don't have to worry about their games being removed/moved/renamed in any way. The interface is the same as original PlayBox One, but it's a lot more restricted so no harm can be done to your game library or any other options. - Removed functions (Rename Game, Remove GameSaves, Move Game, Manage Trainers, Move between libraries, - Removed the ability to switch skins while in the PlayBox One Child Proof Edition (ONLY WAY TO REMOVE PlayBox One CPE IS THROUGH FTP) - Removed Filemanager, Copy DVD and other stuff that could damage available files. - DELETE blocked - Settings Removed Note CPE: If you have to Original ''PlayBox One 1.4'' Installed, you could choose you preference there before moving to CPE, for example which gameview you want, if avatar/weather is to be displayed and other options. Alot of functions still exist, but no function that could harm your gamelibrary or other stuff (settings), Screenshots: Download Link PlayBox One: Normal version: PlayBox One 1.4.xzp Kinect version: PlayBox One 1.4K.xzp Child Proof Edition: PlayBox One CPE.xzp Note: Sign in or Sign out and launch disc can be done through the ''Xbox Guide menu'' by pressing the Xbox logo on the Xbox Controller, this is why these functions have been removed in the skin to make the interface look cleaner. How to add more backgrounds to PlayBox One: Walkthrough video adding more backgrounds More Backgrounds.rar FSD.Skin.Tool.v3.2.by.lew046.rar How to add a Music.wav file as musicloop to PlayBox One Walkthrough video injecting a music.wav file Click the description on the youtube video for written description. To remove an already injected file then you'll need to Extract the skin (like in the background walkthrough) and then build it together again, the FSD tool will skip the wav file when you do this and the PlayBox One.xzp file will be empty again (or you could just redownload an already empty PlayBox One version) _______________________________________________________________________________ Version 1.4S&K (Updated 2013-03-20) Screenshots: Download Link: _______________________________________________________________________________
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    Source : Carzol Graphics Editor : GameXbox01 Download http://uploaded.net/file/ua53eoby http://netload.in/dateiu2t8Dr5HHf/XboxOneFinal.rar.htm XBOX ONE EMU EDITION Download : http://uploaded.net/file/f65hqz33
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    http://www.mediafire.com/download/ekdo4q0kdbt7eb4/PowerRangers.xzp https://www.mediafire.com/?egrw88su99wk2tk
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    This is the english version of my newest skin for the F3 rev735: Orix I wanted to make a simple and clear skin, so that you can navigate throught it very quickly. And i think it was succesfully. Screenshots: Sorry, if there are some translation mistakes.In this case report them in this thread. Thanks Orix EN 1.0.1.rar
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    here is my very first attempt at a theme for FSD 3 there are 25 images to choose from so you can customize it to your liking hope you like it and please let me know your thoughts P.S. please ignore the time on the screenshot as i didnt set it as i just wanted to make sure it works and i needed the screenshot lol Windows 7.rar
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    this has now been closed as i have created 1 myself
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    Hi guys, it's been a while. As some of you might know i've been working on a new skin for a long while now, it's been interesting and i've learned alot of new stuffs you can do with the XUI tools, anyway i thought i should post a little preview of what i've done so far. The skins name is PlayBox One, some of you might notice it's a twist of Playstation 4 and Xbox One, and that's exactly my plan. This skin will be a mix of the new consoles UI's, mostly the PS4. This skin is taking a VERY long time to make since i'm creating an entirely unique skin with alot of animations! Every background and some icons/symbols will be animated, settings will be completely remade etc etc. I hope you guys like my idea, and post if you got any thoughts or suggestions that might improve this skin, both technically and cosmetic. And here's the preview:
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