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  1. the xlink kai is what the guy put on it when he rghed it but it still works none the less and i dont know how to get that bit to work properly m8
  2. i have now repaired this file and its fully working now
  3. please can you post a screenshot plz ??
  4. this has now been closed as i have created 1 myself
  5. thanks mate how did you do it so i know what to do for the next 1 please ??
  6. i have added a screenshot of it lol as i dont know how to get it to show up instead of having to attach it lol
  7. here is my very first attempt at a theme for FSD 3 there are 25 images to choose from so you can customize it to your liking hope you like it and please let me know your thoughts P.S. please ignore the time on the screenshot as i didnt set it as i just wanted to make sure it works and i needed the screenshot lol Windows 7.rar
  8. hi alll would anyone be able to create a windows 7 skin for my xbox 360 please let me know thanks in advance
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