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  1. Yes, I did all the editing. All of the Graphical changes. And also; Content Settings, General Settings, Main Settings, Plugin Settings, System Settings. I've changed the section complete. I don't earn any money Here. I just published my staging. carzol's reign as the chart is different Garzol's
  2. No credit. I'm just making the most of his design from the start editing again Carzol designed it. Please do not forget to empty it. resource can belong to the design Carzol. But please, very good review. You will see very large differences in between. I haven't run my credit up. I just published my edits. You tell me which one you like.
  3. Source : Carzol Graphics Editor : GameXbox01 Download http://uploaded.net/file/ua53eoby http://netload.in/dateiu2t8Dr5HHf/XboxOneFinal.rar.htm XBOX ONE EMU EDITION Download : http://uploaded.net/file/f65hqz33
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