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PreNXE Skin FSD3.rev 775: (Blade 2005)

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i am not the creator of this skin i just want to share it with you guys.


Looking tonight for something different and retro look what i found....

just make me think in that first day...... i think looks a lot better than today's.. just like a game console shut....peace.gif


Psychomantis59 the designer appearance FSD Gx-mod.com, today issued a revision of its wonderful skin to "Blade" in 2005 (the first dashboard XBOX360) appointed PréNXE 775.

This new version is designed to last FSD3.rev775 on kermel 16537. But it also works on the lower Kermels.

You will find all the history of this skin in this article from May 2013
For a brief, it supports Kinect and voice commands and gestures, it also brings a host of handy shortcuts that you do not have skin in the SDF base, such as disabling the plugin Link to play true multi network -consoles, the launch of the last game played via HUD, the explorer etc ... and various options available through both HUD (left and right)

Available in both U.S. and French versions, the archives contain an installation tools and text files for further customization, such as adding music of his choice or Glass / Carbon tabs appearance.

For Fr version, do not forget to replace your defaut.xex FSD by that contained in the archive, it allows the complete translation of FSD and skin.

Join us in thanking Pyschomantis59 for the exclusivity of its skin, and its efforts and monitoring.

[uPDATE] 09.12.2013 U.S. version EN

- Added function "scan" in HUD Left
- Crop.
- Bug
- Acknowledgements

French and English


CARBON Blades Pre-NXE 2005 (EN-US)









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Hello How would I go about disabling the top and bottom status bar in this theme? (the ones with temps on the top and ip on the bottom.)






Just figured out it's a setting in fsd3 it self.


Best skin ever.0fc00468c8.jpg

Shame fsd support has stopped aurora has nothing on this.

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On 1/10/2022 at 1:08 AM, Limewired said:

https://mega.nz/file/a4d1jSgD#OKPK5VmzwBweuLOzpk75dgFBtjEeDzB1VHafHtEjxEM         PRENXE US 775                                                                                                                                           https://mega.nz/file/r8NVFKZZ#ABveZQ6zq_uut2lSOldrmHdMxj1bwEgN2fuMZVS4UBo         PRENXE FR+775+addons

we only need the carbon version

anyone can upload the carbon pre nxe skin?

here ya go this is carbon https://www.mediafire.com/file/boqbntfl3qarubl/CarbonPRENXE.xzp/file

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la version normal ya no esta online y no encuentro algun mirror alguien tendra esas versiones solo la carbon esta online Gracias

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Anyone able to reupload the link for the normal non-carbon version??

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