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  1. seems like the skin is no longer available.
  2. Just tried to boot Aurora. Nope, the time and date is still at 2005. Doesn't sync with NTP. Update : I've installed a theme for Aurora (via FTP). Then, I restart my Xbox and time is synched with NTP. Hmmm, is it save to assume that Aurora doesn't sync time with NTP on first boot, but rather on the second boot, or it is synched once I've connected to my Xbox via FTP? Another update : I can now confirm that by booting into Aurora, my time is not sync with NTP. However, once booted, I choose to restart Aurora via the Setting menu (press 'Back' button in Aurora), the time will sync. Not sure if this is a bug, or if there's something wrong with my settings...
  3. Nope, using cabled. My Xbox is the previous-gen ones, the ones that doesn't have a wifi. NTP? I've tried to Google "Aurora JTAG + clock" but I didn't came across NTP... Will try to Google about this.
  4. Hi guys, Great work! I've already used Aurora and ditched FSD. However, one thing that kinda bug me; there's no option to set the clock nor the option to sync the clock to any servers. I remember FSD has this function. It's the only thing that stops me from removing FSD haha Are there any plans on developing this feature?
  5. hi ko12upted, Thank you for such an amazing tutorial. Finally I understood why the heck does my Skyrim's TU doesn't work. I've checked my default.xex's file with abgx and it shows my media id as 00000000... However, I'm not on Jtag, I just modded my console and are running my skyrim from my dvd (backup copy). is there any way for me to patch the default.xex to my dvd, perhaps creating an iso image of my backup skyrim, copy the default.xex and re-burn it? appreciate your help.
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