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J-Runner with Extras 3.0.2b (17559, Unofficial) - Built in Timings, Bugfixes, and New Features!

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My pleasure!

I have released an update archives for people with 32 bit systems -> a bug has been identified with the xFlasher dependency detection.

Apologies for this.

Archives updated. Those of you with 64 bit systems do not need any update unless you encounter problems.


Kind Regards,

PS: For some reason, Microsoft thinks J-Runner is a "KeyGen". This is false positive :D

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Sorry for so quick update again. But, many fixes to the xFlasher implementation post release of the tool!

- Added: xFlasher support for Xilinx XC2C64A-VQ100 for Matrix "Super-Big-IC"
- Added: Better grabbing of CPLD type for xFlasher
- Added: Ability to abort xFlasher SPI read/write via Esc key
- Fixed: Incorrect display of xFlasher initializing
- Fixed: Post-release bugs with xFlasher implementation
- Fixed: 32-bit xFlasher dependancy detection
- Fixed: Crashing issue with xFlasher and some antivirus software
- Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues

FYI: xFlasher does not support Windows XP due to driver problems. Please use Windows Vista SP2 or later.

Kind Regards,

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