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  1. Does anyone have the files to reprogram a Coolrunner 3 Pro (CR3 Pro with DIPS) on a Trinity motherboard with a Demon? Is it even possible to do this or is the Coolrunner bricked because I accidentally reprogramed it? Or do I also need to resolder something to get the CR3 to work again when I upgraded the original Nand dashboard from 16xxx something to 17559? The CR3 with QSB and a Demon was installed around 2014 and the instructions back then.
  2. Thanks for the input. I think I don’t have S-RGH (DGX?), I`ve the Coolrunner 3 Pro, with DIPS, so the question is if it`s possible to get a timing file for that glitch chip and reprogram it? Unfortunately seems the Team Xecuter site and Forums down where it might be possibly to get the files, maybe down for good?
  3. Updated the original Nand on a Trinity with Demon and Xecuter CR3 Pro to 17559 from Xbox Live, from 16xxx something, after that the console didn`t glitch anymore. Flashed the Demon Nand to 17559 with J-Runner 2.9.7, unfortunately I also used the feature ”Glitch chip - Program Timing File”. Something tells me this was not a good thing to do with a Xecuter CR3 Pro chip? I assume this is equal to ”Program Coolrunner” in other J-Runner releases? Is it bricked or is it possible to restore the CR3 to factory firmware?
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