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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys I've installed aurora on my Xbox 360 and just added game paths and everything was good I rebooted my xbox 360 and aurora launched normally but suddenly 🤑 aurora said scanning for new title updates and the Xbox 360 just get jammed and won't do any order untill I turn off the console and turn it on again help please
  2. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a LUA Script allowing access to friends from xbox unity from using other scripts, or your own. Then if you could make a party chat for your friends to talk to them in game and from Aurora dash. I would also like the party option to be on the pop up dash, in the same part as joining xbox link/unity. But also it justing being a script works to. If possible to have the party chat script or in, pop up dashboard. To has access to xboxunity website friends list to create a party on the website and you join from website. Finally to have the option to join anyone or create your own party on xboxunity site. So the choices are run party chat from xboxunity site, 2nd to run on jtag/rgh from scripts menu on aurora dash, 3rd to have the option on the pop up dash. A special please and thanks if created and for reading my suggestion.
  3. Hello everyone I solved my problem in running the DVD, s Direct Drive in Aurora as follows: 1 - I made a Manage Patch, directing the DVD as object scan. 2 - I noticed that the Aurora relates it as an installed game and relates in order according to the filter, released the filter to display the game and ready. DVD in the relationship game. a single observation, the game dvd is not in the specified location, it navigates according to the title game. should only demand it according to its filtering (ascending or descending) this was the way I found to launch the DVDs directly by Aurora. Thanks.
  4. hi my console to update 16756 and I wonder if they will get a version of dashlaunch for that dash else who develops the dashlaunch to ask something
  5. Dash Launch 3.02 ---------------- Currently the project is missing the following supported translations: Japanese, Korean, Polish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese traditional Currently supplied translations: English, French, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian The skin pack includes the sources used to skin dash launch as well as the string files if anyone wishes to create a translation to one of the above languages (inlcuding English, as I know my explanations are not always easy to understand.) Also included is a c# based editor for the string files to assist in translation. External fonts, background image and skins may be used by this, simply place skin.xzp and/or font.ttf and/or background.png (1020x720) beside default.xex. If neither location has a font file supplied the system font on flash will be used. Welcome to The Next Level **** at time of this writing, this is ONLY compatible with: jtag : 9199, 12611, 12625, 13146, 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574 glitch : 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574 glitch2: 14717, 14719, 15574 (trinity will show up as glitch2) **** ================================================================================ Overview - what it does ================================================================================ - It will launch a XeX or CON file from the path you specified in launch.ini as long as it's valid - Depending on the button you hold when the xbox is trying to load the NXE, it will divert to the xex/con tied to that button or return to default as defined in launch.ini - At boot time it is possible to subvert default item and/or NXE loading, but you must wait until the controller syncs to do so - Depending which button is held when closing miniblade in NXE (use Y button to close, release then hold a QL button) it will quick launch a CON or XEX from your ini file - allows one to patch kernel/xam at bootup with a freeBOOT patch style bin file from usb or hdd (in that order) must be in root of the device and be named "kxam.patch" and be no larger than 0x4000 bytes. Again, kxam.patch binary format is the same as a compiled freeboot patch bin, but uses real virtual addresses rather than offsets - see 1.0 release for a windows patch builder - with the included patch set, launch.xex acts as a helper to detect when xbox1 emulator loads, allowing memory unlock patch and xbox1 emulator to function together ================================================================================ Installation ================================================================================ - have the required hacked kernel version installed on the console - get the installer to a place where you can run it, and do so. Follow onscreen instructions if any. The installer will prompt you if it needs to update the kernel/hv patches and will give you an opportunity to configure stuff. - edit the options, and dont forget to save them somewhere if you want them to be applied next boot. Don't forget to set configapp to the installer, so you can go to it any time via miniblades' system settings (hold RB to go to real system settings) - the back button is your friend if you are wondering what button to push ================================================================================ ChangeLog ================================================================================ V3.02 - add italian translation - thanks Gnappo! - correct mobo/edram order in shuttemps and installer - update Spanish translation - correct version number - add RThumb and LThumb for paths (analog controller button when you press them down) - add autoswap option for multidisk games (see notes above) - remove beta tag - add 15574 - correct bug in hv patches in 14717/14719 - add poweron reason to tembcast data, document struct sent in the supplied .py script - fixed problem with loading on older (<13xxx) firmwares, thanks KneelB4ZD for the donor image! dash_launch_v3.02.zip
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