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  1. Here is the modified version of the SteamOS skin with another loading screen. I hope you enjoy! newSteamOS.xzp
  2. If you are using Aurora, press the back button on the control and a window will appear informing the ip of your xbox.
  3. I think you should change the "xboxip" for the ip of your Xbox 360 on the network. But I didn't try, so I can't confirm that.
  4. I started by extracting and editing Aurora's default skin, modifying colors and elements, I looked at the tutorials here in the forum and I learned more about animations among several other things.
  5. Amazing! Thanks for the update.
  6. I just saw the release of the new version of Aurora, I'll test it and update the skin to 0.7b I'll try to do it as fast as I can. And thanks for the interest!
  7. Please always post in English, so everyone can understand what you want to say. The skin is beautiful and I liked the animations, but I recommend that you use a font with all the symbols and accents necessary for the texts, because some characters like 'รง' are in another font. Congratulations on your work!
  8. It would be interesting to put some screenshots so we know the skin's appearance
  9. Thank you too, I'm glad you liked the skin. Thanks dude. Thank you man. Yep, my very first skin and it took several failed attempts to finish.
  10. Xbox ONE Experience Skin Hello everyone, I finally finished my first skin for Aurora. Is a skin based in 'Aurora SteamOS' skin by mrknorton. With modification in colors, buttons and layouts to match the Xbox ONE Dashboard. Inspired in Xbox ONE Dashboard and Windows 10. I do not really like Aurora's default skin, so I looked for a simple skin and the theme colors of Xbox One, and the ones I tried were not exactly what I wanted, so I had the idea to create my own skin, I finished the skin and I was very happy with the result, I still have to finish several animations in the menus, but as soon as I finish this I update the topic. Yes, I got some problems with screenshot, so here are photos that I have taken with my phone Currently available to Aurora 0.6b Download link: mega Besides the skin, I made some modifications to the Aurora itself. I modified AuroraRepo's "Main.lua" by editing its description (scriptDescription). Now the text is: "Download and install new Content Scripts", this description is shorter and succinct, I believe it was better this way. I also modified the script icon "LiNKTop5", filling the number 5 (which was transparent) with the white color. How to install: Go to your Aurora 0.6b folder, and go to: "User" / "Scripts" / "Utility" and in the "AuroraRepo" folder, just replace the Main.lua file. And in the "LiNKTop5" folder (if you use this script) replace the icon.png file. All these modifications are included with the skin. Hope everyone enjoy!
  11. Hi. First, I would like to say that this is a request for Dashlaunch, but I have not found it in the forum, where to create a request for Dashlaunch, so here it is. My idea is: Create a way to change the speed of the Xbox cooler, according to the time of the console. For example: During the day, until 10pm, let the speed in 70% (as I usually use), and after 22h (in the evening) leave the speed of the cooler at 40%, thus reducing the noise of the cooler, Which bothers me greatly at night. I do not know if it's possible to do it, but I think it's a good idea. Thanks for the attention
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