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  1. step 1: read carefully the first post of this thread step 2: ????step 3: your avatar and kinect data are fully updated. enjoy!
  2. then i mistook you for someone else, my bad i don't know if it's possible in this forum to link directly to somewhere else without it being considered spam, but let's say that another forum which specializes in xbox360 save games also hosts a number of game trainers and other miscellaneous tools. check it out if you're curious about them a couple other tools -most notably horizon- which are used for some unrelated tasks like file injection and profile management also include the ability to modify certain save files, effectively modding the whole game experience as you can obtain very unfair advantages over other players anyways, let's end this discussion here since there are enough lamers and kiddies around the world ruining things and we don't want to facilitate this even further
  3. in the folder named "media" inside the emu there are two compressed xzp files that contain the skin, the one you're looking for is named FBAnext, the other one apparently got graphics that were used for a previous version and now are deprecated, which ironically includes that very same picture you're trying to append the file you need to modify is called fbanext-bg-all.png, as far as i can see
  4. for example, by using trainers and other apps that are executed before the game runsiirc, you yourself posted a video about a tool named "chameleon". Something like that ah, I was talking about that scrolling thingy that appears at the bottom of the system link main menu
  5. i think you're a little confused about what a "modded lobby" means; they're just regular lobbies that can be made directly from the fsd's system link interface and that host games that are modded. if you're asking this because you're wondering what the hell the team meant with that mysterious message scrolling on the rss ticker, it's just that they're warning users that modded games are allowed as long as they aren't using a public room for hosting them, because modded games can and will ruin the experience to the other players which aren't using mods to play
  6. maybe only the first 2tb were accessible to the system and the rest ended in the "twilight zone", visible but not available kinda like what happened with windows 95 and "big" hdds in the good ol' fat16 days
  7. dude asked so i assumed he wanted to know just about external drives, and that's why i said that about being two max anyways...
  8. (double posted -- death to tapatalk )
  9. Somehow I suspect that neither your internal hdd nor your inbuilt memory are connected to your Xbox via USB...Weren't we talking about external units?Sent from my Windows Phone using Tapatalk, at work and while on the porcelain express, where wired keyboards don't reach
  10. A correction: actually the amount of STORAGE devices allowed is just two; you can use the remaining ports for peripherals and whatnot, but only the first two storage units recognized will be available, be it fatx, fat32 or whatever, the rest will simply not appear At least that's true for coronas... Sent from my Windows Phone using Tapatalk
  11. you can obtain some basic info about your box via dashlaunch; check out the lower right corner for it, eg: for a falcon with rgh v.1
  12. Saiyaku

    4 rgh just in

    to show proof he's legit and not a filthy scammer i think the problem lies here: somehow i have this weird impression that the majority of users here aren't from the uk either...
  13. Buh? Boot your console into Xell instead of FSD! (isn't this kinda obvious?) - ie: turn on your Xbox using the eject button until Xell loads or use xelllaunch to run it -- there's a bunch of threads on this very site detailing this process if you feel lost; use search, it helps!Sent from my Windows Phone using Tapatalk
  14. fck'n lol anyone here remembers how much infinitely more powerful was the almighty and extraterrestrial-designed-and-manufactured cell microprocessor compared to the puny and mediocre internals of the xbox360? i do. yeah, i bet that the same thing will happen between the "much more powerful" ps4 and the xbone
  15. easy, test the f3plugin under setup > plugin settings, your jqe360 authentication status should be displaying "pass" if you're correctly linked
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