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  1. @ superted.... it's power that i need mate, like 140 watts of it, fan controllers won't do anything but control the speed/power input/output, i see where your coming from but it's "power" i need. I've sourced a 12v 140 watt power supply, just not sure i want that hanging out the side of the machine etc. so i might be putting these on the top shelf for now.... (and yeah you can suck a little for fan mods etc. from the power supply for little "light" mods.)
  2. sucking 140 watts from the power supply from the 360 will probably shut it down....thinking it might have to be an external one.... what do you mean about a "fan controller" ?
  3. hey, So just ordered a couple of thermoelectric Peltier coolers, and question, noticed some one has all ready done it, (thanks to neubit over at acid mods.com) but where's he run the power to for them? one of them can use up to 70w power Operates from 0~15.2V DC and 0~6A So reading about them i guess the more power you drive into them the colder/hotter they become, so i'll be able to run them from one of the power connections inside the xbox you think? and what about condensation? need to worry about that? as they can frost up.. guess i can use some clear varnish and go around the cpu/gpu with it.... Just wanted to check as 140 watt is quite a lot...... hmmm after reading it would seem he gave up on them as the "hot" side was getting rather hot, still i can experiment with some fans and the like.... still got to figure out how to power them though....looking like it might be a 12v 9amp power supply.....but kinda lame having to have that plugged in as well....still though....
  4. Just been having a browse and come across a couple of xbox one titles, what's all that about? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, having an issue trying to change the password on "unity" have changed it and when i log in with the new one and go to "change password" then i just keep getting a message saying "unable to change" but doesn't say why.... tried all the usual tricks etc. Thanks
  6. nice one, all ways wondered......cheers Swizzy. I need to have a look through for some fighting games, like boxing UFC and etc. see if there's any on link, they be good for a laugh
  7. is all "link" games that are on wiki all on unity ? but playing portal 2 at the min with a mate, and of course borderlands the sequal....ooooftttt....lol
  8. Thanks for that...... OK, when it crashed it's weird as the game was COD3, I've asked him just to delete that ass creed and then we can try again..... The game would load up but then when pressing start would just take him back to aurora....we will have another go! Thanks matey
  9. ok i logged onto his machine and in the aurora data folder there's 2 files....that's all there is..... I've attached them but reading the debug log still looks like it's going on about fsd..... Desktop.rar
  10. ok, matey, got him to zip them all....he says it's from the correct folder... Thanks Logs.rar
  11. omg...lol no....he's a complete n00b like, he ended up having to show me a screen shot of where he'd stored the folder "logs" as he swore he'd saved them in the shared dropbox folder called "xbox 360 PUT STUFF IN HERE" but he expected to share it by just putting it in dropbox, soooo....not surprised he's sent me FSD dash logs.... he's the type that would share a link with you and it would be C:\\mydocuments\mypic.jpg
  12. Thanks, managed to get a couple of the log files and callstack. Doesn't look much in the logs though. I've attached them. Cheers again Logs.rar
  13. but at the end of that thread you say "thanks bro" ?
  14. we all had to start some where matey and your in the right place for questions. (apart from Swizzy who is the stig of PC's/Consoles etc....lol) you'll be kicking back and playing CoD in no time and updating your dash etc. in under 10 mins. Saying that, you do have to read around the forum as you've probably heard this before....all the info is here. but you'll get there
  15. Ha...don't worry about it, i'll just create a rule my ends. not the end of the world.... Thanks man all the same.
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