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  1. I have 45 Level GPD(Click to download) I am looking for players since all weapons are unlocked, I think we can enjoy this game.
  2. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1749-using-link-with-laptoppc-wireless/
  3. --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild v1.10.646------------------------------------------------------------------- { Update Mode } ----data directory set from command line to '16547'started, watching network for xbox...success, found xbox beacon at to connect...success!Getting console info...success!connected to Jasper with updsvr version 2 (peek version 2)NAND image size: 0x4200000 Block size: 0x21000 Spare Data: Yes------ parsing console info response ------Console Current Info:running kernel : 2.0.16537.0bootstrap type : Jasperhardware type : Jasperhardware flags : 0x30000207internal HDD : not presentImage Type : Jasperbb (GlitchCPU key : 8F722E433C6649A6BDE70129A751C177 (weight:0x35 valid; ecd: valid)DVD key : 02E0F04CE974A043FD8352CFA6ECD4CD1BL key : DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA (good)Virtual Fuses : not present1BL RSA pub : goodPIRS RSA pub : goodMASTER RSA pub : goodCPU Key set to : 8F722E433C6649A6BDE70129A751C177 (weight:0x35 valid; ecd: valid)1BL Key set to : 0xDD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA sum: 0x983 (expects: 0x983)xex Key set to : 0x20B185A59D28FDC340583FBB0896BF91 sum: 0x800 (expects: 0x800)Xell Reason : console eject buttonCF LDV : 8Pairing Value : 0x000000 ------ parsing ini at '16547_glitch.ini' ------ini version 16547ini: label [jasperbl] foundfound (1) 'cb_6750.bin' crc: 0xf7afa8ccfound (2) 'none' crc: 0x00000000found (3) 'cd_8453.bin' crc: 0x25e0acd0found (4) 'ce_1888.bin' crc: 0xff9b60dffound (5) 'cf_16547.bin' crc: 0xa54f9efcfound (6) 'cg_16547.bin' crc: 0xc34c06edini: label [flashfs] foundfound (1) 'aac.xexp' crc: 0xf2808dc5found (2) 'bootanim.xex' crc: 0xd5c63122found (3) 'createprofile.xex' crc: 0xf7e474effound (4) 'dash.xex' crc: 0x2a153493found (5) 'deviceselector.xex' crc: 0x09e04596found (6) 'gamerprofile.xex' crc: 0x4647565dfound (7) 'hud.xex' crc: 0xa6f9c197found (8) 'huduiskin.xex' crc: 0x1d296f10found (9) 'mfgbootlauncher.xex' crc: 0x33d5771bfound (10) 'minimediaplayer.xex' crc: 0x4de56d9cfound (11) 'nomni.xexp' crc: 0x97cadcecfound (12) 'nomnifwk.xexp' crc: 0xc7ab2e5bfound (13) 'nomnifwm.xexp' crc: 0x22253a42found (14) 'SegoeXbox-Light.xtt' crc: 0xe0ee6049found (15) 'signin.xex' crc: 0xaffe7f78found (16) 'updater.xex' crc: 0xf6e1cdd5found (17) 'vk.xex' crc: 0xb916846bfound (18) 'xam.xex' crc: 0x027463e8found (19) 'xenonclatin.xtt' crc: 0xd5d17ff5found (20) 'xenonclatin.xttp' crc: 0x7a507ad1found (21) 'xenonjklatin.xtt' crc: 0xdde4a14cfound (22) 'xenonjklatin.xttp' crc: 0xe2adddfbfound (23) 'ximecore.xex' crc: 0xa86f3ef4found (24) 'ximedic.xex' crc: 0x1d992bfbfound (25) 'ximedic.xexp' crc: 0x186d8df9found (26) '..launch.xex' crc: 0x00000000found (27) '..lhelper.xex' crc: 0x00000000found (28) '..launch.ini' crc: 0x00000000ini: label [security] foundfound (1) 'crl.bin' crc: 0x00000000found (2) 'dae.bin' crc: 0x00000000found (3) 'extended.bin' crc: 0x00000000found (4) 'fcrt.bin' crc: 0x00000000found (5) 'secdata.bin' crc: 0x00000000------ ini parsing completed ------------ getting bad blocks ------processing 1 bad blocks on devicemarking bad block at 0xb5cleaning up stray remapsblock 0xb5 had no remap, assigning remap block 0x1ffdone!mounting SystemRoot to usv:...success!------ getting security files ------retrieving USVRcrl.bin...OK, received 0xa00 bytes verified! Will use if external file not found.retrieving USVRdae.bin...OK, received 0xad30 bytes verified! Will use if external file not found.retrieving USVRextended.bin...OK, received 0x4000 bytes verified! Will use if external file not found.retrieving USVRfcrt.bin...not availableretrieving USVRsecdata.bin...OK, received 0x400 bytes verified! Will use if external file not found.retrieving USVRkv_enc...OK, received 0x4000 bytes decrypt and verify...keyvault is good!retrieving USVRsmc_enc...OK, received 0x3000 bytes decrypt and verify...smc is good!------ getting mobile settings ------retrieving USVRMobileB.dat...OK, received 0x800 bytesretrieving USVRMobileC.dat...OK, received 0x200 bytesretrieving USVRMobileD.dat...OK, received 0x800 bytesretrieving USVRMobileE.dat...OK, received 0x800 bytesretrieving USVRMobileF.dat...not availableretrieving USVRMobileG.dat...not availableretrieving USVRMobileH.dat...not availableretrieving USVRMobileI.dat...not availableretrieving USVRMobileJ.dat...not availableretrieving USVRStatistics.settings...OK, received 0x400 bytesretrieving USVRManufacturing.data...OK, received 0x80 bytesconsole has no available blmodconsole has no available addonsretrieving USVRStatic.settings (smc_config.bin)...OK, received 0x20000 bytes verifying...smc_config is good!Writing initial header to flash image------ loading system update container ------system update container not found at 16547su20076000_00000000, trying altsystem update container not found at 16547$SystemUpdatesu20076000_00000000, skipping load------ Loading bootloaders and required security files ------reading smc.bin failed, using smc.bin from nand dumpreset smc load address to 0x1000 size 0x3000reading kv.bin failed, using kv.bin from nand dump**** could not read cb_6750.bin (-1) *********** ERROR: critical bootloader files are missing, cannot proceed!***** FATAL UPDATE ERROR: -1 unable to complete NAND image--------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day.--------------------------------------------------------------- First time i'm updating.What is the problem ?
  4. Enable fakelive on dl.Also works on RDR and MW3
  5. ghosts or mw3, same at every game.
  6. Yup but in the middle of game, it kicks me out of room or disconnects randomly.
  7. it says that my xbox is offline even im logged in and my account is in room.need a solution
  8. Do not use wireless unless you really have to.
  9. exactly what i am talking about.liking your message and quoting it took 10 secs for me.
  10. The Cowboy

    About servers

    is there something about servers or is it just to me? I mean browsing rooms, creating a room etc. are so slow.
  11. if I understand it that way, it would be a lesson for me
  12. Well, since it is the best codding ive ever seen, i can think it is good.
  13. OMG! Perfect code.Gonna use this for my next app, thanks a lot !
  14. public byte[] DecryptAccount(byte[] AccountData) { byte[] buffer = new byte[404]; byte[] firstbytes = new byte[16]; Array.Copy(AccountData, firstbytes, 16); Array.Resize(ref buffer, 16); Array.Copy(firstbytes, buffer, 16); System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA1 h = new System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA1(hmackey); byte[] rckey = h.ComputeHash(buffer); Array.Resize(ref rckey, 0x10); byte[] decrypteddata = new byte[388]; Array.Resize(ref buffer, 388); Array.Copy(AccountData, 0x10, buffer, 0, 388); RC4(ref buffer, rckey); Array.Copy(buffer, decrypteddata, 388); return decrypteddata; } public byte[] EncryptAccount(byte[] AccountData) { byte[] buffer = new byte[404]; Array.Copy(AccountData, 0, buffer, 0x10, AccountData.Length); System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA1 hs1 = new System.Security.Cryptography.HMACSHA1(hmackey); byte[] firstbytes = new byte[16]; Array.Copy(hs1.ComputeHash(AccountData), firstbytes, 16); Array.Copy(firstbytes, 0, buffer, 0, 16); byte[] rckey = hs1.ComputeHash(firstbytes); Array.Resize(ref rckey, 0x10); byte[] buffertwo = new byte[388]; Array.Copy(buffer, 0x10, buffertwo, 0, 388); RC4(ref buffertwo, rckey); Array.Copy(buffertwo, 0, buffer, 0x10, buffertwo.Length); return buffer; } public void RC4(ref Byte[] bytes, Byte[] key) { Byte[] s = new Byte[256]; Byte[] k = new Byte[256]; Byte temp; int i, j; for (i = 0; i < 256; i++) { s[i] = (Byte)i; k[i] = key[i % key.GetLength(0)]; } j = 0; for (i = 0; i < 256; i++) { j = (j + s[i] + k[i]) % 256; temp = s[i]; s[i] = s[j]; s[j] = temp; } i = j = 0; for (int x = 0; x < bytes.GetLength(0); x++) { i = (i + 1) % 256; j = (j + s[i]) % 256; temp = s[i]; s[i] = s[j]; s[j] = temp; int t = (s[i] + s[j]) % 256; bytes[x] ^= s[t]; } } I wanted to share it to help other people and i'd like to improve my code so i shared it.
  15. There's not anything like this.Just scamming people, that's all what you should know.
  16. I dont understand why people love CoD so much.
  17. I'm asking to people to stop making f*cking CoD mods to earn some money by selling them to some stupid people.I'm asking them to do something useful.
  18. Why dont hackers hack live packages instead of making pointless mods for CoDs? So we can play every game online without live.
  19. If you have money for spending for online, go and buy an xbox which can play live and pay for live instead of posting here like everyone has money to spend.If i have money in paypal, i would donate but i dont so stop asking about fee, charge or what the hell it is.Noone wants to pay except you guys.You can donate me an Xk3y'ed Xbox if you want to spend your money so much.Thanks JPizzle for the answer.
  20. Respect "idiot".We are answering questions without any any charge.
  21. It's not about me.My friends got kicked too.
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