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  1. Ok, I tried it with no succes, the only way I found to sync the clock is deactivating liveblock and going to the official dash, the system will try to update and after I press no, clock became synced. Also I tried to unistall / reinstall dashlaunch deleting the launch.ini too but it didnt work either. Anyway thanx for the atention, hope it become fixed automatically in the next Dashlaunch or FSD(this last one I think will not happend) update.
  2. Here is my dashlaunch.ini; just renamed to .txt since we cant upload .ini files. Thx for your help. launch.txt
  3. Hi guys.... any success back then? Im having the same issue, tried everything above with no success, reinstalled FSD but it doesnt work either!
  4. Hey guys, sorry for bumping a very old topic, but I am with the same problem and I found out that the "fatal crash intercepted" error was related with a DLC in particular..... Myths and Mavericks, witch makes things more strange since it is a free DLC. I tried to download more than once and uninstalled and reinstalled TU but with no success... also tried x360gamehack but afther the fix I cant even start the game without an incompatible version error that send me to the the original dash.... so I deleted and reinstalled my game from a Backup I have. Also tried to manually download the TU 8 and put in my folder, but same thing happend, tried to enable fakelive and same thing too. Anyone have a clue what else I can try or what is happening cause I searched the internet and so far just me and the author of the topic had this "error" with this game. Thank you for your attention. Edit: I re-downloaded all the files (including the game ISO) from different sources and the error still occurs, strange that in the internet looks lime mine and authors are the only cases of "fatal crash" on this game. Making some tests I discovered that the error isnt with "Myths and Mavericks" only, but that in fact exist some incompatibility btw "Undead Nightmare" and "Myths and Mavericks" so here is the situation: Game + Undead Nightmare + Myths and Mavericks - Undead Nightmare works, Normal Game Fatal crashes Game + Undead Nightmare - Undead Nightmare works, Normal Game works without content Game + Myths and Mavericks - Undead Nightmare not present , Normal Game works Im still trying to find a way to run the game in the first mode..... by the way Im running the game using the extracted ISO, could this be a problem? GOD have a better compatibility? IDK if its relevant but I even try to run the game from the DVD and it still with the same issue. Looked extra carefully my dashlaunch, everything is ok, tried with fake live and nothing...... also tried skip the FSD boot and load the game from xexloader but it still doesnt work!
  5. I put some extra tests and effort on it but I sure can't do it without your help....the only diference is that Istead of setting my Xbox under DMZ I port forward manualy and It only works for me with UPNP checked on both (F3 and router).... but now is working! I wasnt using bridge mode becose M$ website says that internet on laptop wouldnt work while in bridge mode..... what isnt true. Thx a lot man!
  6. Hi Guys, good evening. I have a Jasper Xbox witch, as you guys already knew, doesn't have a built-in wireless modem and since my room is far from the router I am using a wireless notebook to recieve the signal and send it via cable to my Xbox 360. As far as I Know internet sharing is ok, since I can download FSD updates, TU and Cover Art; the problem really comes when I'm trying to play online using LINK. When I enter the game I can see the avaliable rooms, I can sucefful enter in rooms (xbox yellow controller displayed on the room icon), I can se the players in its tab but I cant find any room; I checked the TU I'm using and its the same as the other players. Games that I tryed: Diablo III, Red Dead Redemption and COD: Black Ops 2. I already set the ports in Sharing Services of my connection using my Xbox IP (the one displayed on FSD), I also port forward the same ports on my router but I cant get a "Pass" on the ports in the F3Plugin test, I have tried with and without UPNDP Also already tried to set my computer in DMZ but it also didnt work. PS: Im using automatic dynamic IP configuration, I dont mind have to change the IP in port Forward every time, ad it easier because of the number of the devices we use here every day. Just to clarify, here is the scheme that I'm using ("borrowed" from Xlink website), its also worthy to say that I've tried the Xbox360 - Notebook connetion using both, regular and cross-over cable. 1- Is really possible to use this settings to play on LINK? (I Think it should be ok since this configuration is also supported by Kai) 2- Could it be related with the dynamic IP setting? 3- Witch IP I have to set as using the ports in the router? and witch one in the sharing settings of my connection on my computer? (gateways IP, computer IP or xbox 360s IP) 4- Is there something that I'm missing? Thans for your attention and sorry for my bad english. Greetings from Brazil.
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