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  1. it turns out that was pretty much a simple click on system info at dashlaunch, I dont understand how can that be an advanced user setting!!! But thanks anyway
  2. Those changes are so post to be in hddtime and temp timer, if so what are the times to maximum speed? Thank u a lot SWIZZY
  3. Hi, sorry for this nob question, but here r the "fun settings" in aurora 0.4? Thanks every one!!!
  4. U ARE THE MAN f... thank u very mutch
  5. I already have the 16747 dashboard,and i already tried to pass watch dogs to my rgh,I have susefully intaled the game but the disc 2 its not working,I even tried the rgh/jtag dowload version but its not working... Can someone hellpme I realy whould like to try this game. thnaks alot
  6. thank u very much swizzy gona try every single sing,allways a great help
  7. what is FTP?all I do is pass the game to iso2god and put it in to a pen drive... I have already delet my last f3 and put and a new one...strange
  8. One month ago i started to have a problem with my internet conection not beeing able to download covers for games "missing cover "(when i put refresh artwork, my status only says 3 items downloading, it should be more), my system link isn´t working, my wheather isn´t working; And when i put new games they don´t start or it goes to a certain point and it says clean the disk... Can you help my figure it out this one? Is this a problem inside freestyle or my network... I used to have good network conection till this problems start apering... Thanks a lot guys, really need your help
  9. hello guys,when I put a game in xbox360 iso exctract and thant it apears languages like portugese,english etc,where in hddi I have to ut that folders to have the language on the game....? many thanks
  10. hey guys I am gona say sorry for the topic because this as been very talked in the forums here. But as I stil didnt get it I need to continue tu ask... In sames such as cod gosht,batlefield 4 and gta 5 in a rgh console what is the proper way to intall the content. Lets see an example with cod goshts? Disc 1 multiplayer Disc 2 campaign and textures 1ºQuestion- the disc 2 with the contents have to go or not in iso2god? 2ºQuestion-where to put exacly the disc 2 in the hddi? 3ºQuestion-if the disc 2 is passed on iso2god,when exctrated it only apears dataswhy is that?and not the content needed? 4ºQuestion-when the content its properly putted on the folder,how can you intall if you can not enter in the game,because its going to be on the content 000000000000 folder and what goes in that doesnt apear anyhere (my opinion)? 5ºQuestion-can you guys make a clear answer for this because I thing a lot of pepoal witth rgh and jtags are having this problem? Sorry for making this so long,and many tanks to realmodecene and corrent help posters... thanks
  11. but when I extract in iso2god the disc 2 only gives me datas...
  12. I have pass de dvd2 in iso2god in partial iso and I put it on the 0000000000000000 folder and all it apens its nothing because iside the 415608fc folder its the 00007000 folder than inside it its only the datas,do I have to put the 415608fc folder whit the data contents inside the folder for dlcs(00000002)or tu updates(000B0000) FOR THIS TO WORK?
  13. And I am asking how to install it the proper way to play singlplayer...? thanks
  14. I am asking this bicause in the normal way the disc dont intall on my hd....
  15. In a game such as cod gosht,that in the instalation off the dvd2 isnt possible doing the normal way(pass in iso2god that pu it on hddi/games) in a rgh console,the solotion is (to pass in iso2god than put it on hddi/content/00000000000000000/415608fc/00000002)? is this the solution? thanks
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