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  1. Would there be a version with the texts in Pt-br or any way to modify it manually?
  2. I'm having the same problem with the icons and the fonts getting over the others in some languages and if the selection line could be green instead of red, I'd wonder if these corrections could be made.
  3. Congratulations, your work was excellent, very good, same guy, can you leave the icons of the RB and LB option of Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Classic, Emulator in a square with selection brightness that way? And the menus popping up from the left side and right side on a solid white with the green selection and lastly the menu headers centered at the top with a selection line? I made some examples in photoshop
  4. When will you make the skin available or show more screenshot of your work?
  5. With this format of menus and settings to do something looks like Tizen system of Samsung TVs, would be very cool skins and would be great options pro Aurora
  6. Leave this option when you press the RB or LB of the control, and the left part when you press the back button
  7. Se quedaron muy buenos, sería genial si pudiéramos intercambiar esos papeles de pared en el propio aurora, pero aún así quedó muy bueno They were very good, it would be nice if we could change these wallpapers at dawn, but it was still very good
  8. Are you going to put this version to download? because the ones that are here are different from the one in the picture and in the video ¿Vas a poner esta versión para descargar? que es lo que están aquí son diferentes de lo que está en la imagen y en el video First Boot of LG LB6500 3D Smart TV_2K~2.mp4
  9. Congratulations on your work, it is getting very beautiful and similar to the dash of Xbox One, as first screenshot messa and wanted to know if you can do a cover layout similar to the second screenshot, in list with game icons on the left and the cover on right, but still maintaining that desing it created
  10. What happened to skin webOS with these menus and with these transitions and without music? And if it is possible a version without Wallpaper that can by already saved
  11. Please do as close as possible to this skin with the animations and options and if it would get great something like the Dash RT color animations and intro when Aurora starts NXE Skin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SvxoTGwbAG4 DASH RT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzrWiGLUcQU
  12. Your skins are expensive guys, I'm going to download all the time, thanks and congratulations for the work. Edit: The files are not available in the link, only Boruto was able to download 😥
  13. Anything like this can be done on Aurora 0.7b?
  14. Another suggestion is the dash of xbox one, with this kind of content division where everything is sampled above and with side menus solid white and add the avatr on a scale of the original dash of the 360
  15. I have another idea and I made a very simple illustration to better understand my suggestion and change the logo and name according to the games, for example, Xbox Classic, Live Arcade, Emulator, Homebrew and not just the Xbox 360 logo.
  16. Would it be possible to do something like the Dash RT on the FSD with these color menus and everything available on one screen only, settings and visualization that would have a separate window on the right side and the view of the cover in list like that?
  17. New video showing the beautiful look of fluent design for changes in the model of the new skin, which by the way if you stay close to the images released you will have a very beautiful tab.
  18. Are there any screenshots with the skin?
  19. Has any change or update been made with the suggestions submitted here?
  20. x1024 can you do something like what's in the picture?
  21. This black version of the image I did in Photoshop, is not a skin was just a suggestion that I gave him to see what it would look like, I do not know how to create skins unfortunately
  22. Is something new being produced?
  23. Hi, I wonder if animations, transitions, side menus could and the wallpaper as in the default version that can be changed through the Aurora in the console be applied as demonstrated in your videos being added in the WebOs 2.2 release? Ola, me gustaría saber si las animaciones, menús laterales, transiciones y el papel tapiz como en la versión por default que se puede cambiar a través de Aurora en la consola, podrían aplicarse como demostrados en sus videos siendo agregados en la versión WebOs 2.2?
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