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  1. *bump* how do I install this??
  2. Sorry, I'm an extreme noob when it comes to getting raw code, how do I install this???
  3. I'm having the same issue with GTA IV & V via Aurora. I haven't tried via Xex yet though.... it's not a solution but at least I'll be able to play it until solution is found! (Assuming it plays via xex on my RGH Jasper)
  4. NICE!! I'm gonna try this out - thank you!😆 Didn't see it on the aurora scripts area but found it on github via another thread on here. I've no clue how to install it, can someone give me step by step instructions?
  5. Agreed! but not ALL Aurora Trainers are up to date or work so sometimes I need to rely on non Aurora Trainers. example would be the mod trainer/menus for the GTA series.
  6. A text reader/editor would be handy, I often keep little notes for non aurora compatible trainer triggers because I often forget.
  7. Hrrrm, I'm having the same problem too but and I'm not even trying to run the trainer. I'm using the Aurora v7.0b running Jasper RGH, Dash Launch v3.18 - Dash 7.511(the 2nd latest dash to date?). I also have an RGH Corona and GTA V works fine on that one running same dash launch and dash.... Tried clearing cache, enable/disable TU's, no option in Aurora for Freestyle Plugin though.... Any help would be much appreciated!
  8. Hi Guys, Is there a way to prevent cover re-down loading due to file path change for my games? For example I renamed my game folder to something else and it forced all the cover art to be downloaded again. Is there a way to restrict Aurora to a specified folder for cover art? Thanks in advance!
  9. Excellent work! Thank you!!
  10. That's exactly how I did mine! 👍
  11. ahhh..... yah, I think I have the same GOTY version too but the problem is not as many people play the GOTY version on link compared to original RDR TU9 version but thank you all the same!
  12. hrmmmmmm...... I've been playing RDR undead overrun via system link and there's be a few users that had god mode, what seemed like unlimited ammo and ability to use guns in the lobby area of RDR undead overrun - the area where you choose what combo of weapons you want to use. ie: Mauler, Long Range, etc... I've scoured the net for an RDR trainer for TU9 but no luck, I think the trainer has to match the TU otherwise it won't work. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ooops, responded to wrong thread. lol, I think my only option now is to try and dl a different version of Blitz. I can't think of anything else other than what I've already tried.
  13. HRRRRMMMMMMM...... maybe I'll see if I can find another copy then elsewhere.
  14. Sorry, I meant to be able to see the file path where xbox 360 game manager might drop the DLC, etc...
  15. Ahhh...... okay, good to know! I'll have to try that out. I mainly keep FSD around for the purpose of being able to see the game file paths etc in xbox 360 manager.
  16. Anyone have a working trainer for Red Dead Redemption TU9? NOT looking for game of the year edition (GOTY) Thanks in advance!
  17. Hi guys, Anyone get Rock Band Blitz working? Aurora for whatever reason is just not recognizing the game despite my following attempts: -used xbox 360 manager and refreshed content after copying -XBLA game has been unlocked -Tried changing the game from "CON" to "LIVE" -Tried to manually place the game (I'll post my game path later as I'm at work - lol) Don't know what else to try, any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated - TIA!
  18. Check out http://customscreators.com/ for your rock band DLC's and grab the c3 program to repack ALL your RB DLC songs into 4gb packs so instead of loading thousands of songs, they'll all be condensed into 4gb packs. My library has been condensed into 30 packs and only takes a minute or so for rock band to load over 2 thousand songs.
  19. xbox 360 manager won't work in aurora as it doesn't support SMB yet so you need to have FSD loaded in order to get xbox 360 manager working. I keep a super slimmed down version of FSD on my machines just for the sole purpose of using xbox 360 manager. Make sure you have content scanning disabled on FSD since you won't need it.
  20. Hi Guys, This is really weird, never had this happen before but my RGH Corona Reboots when ever I'm in System LInk. Tested this on various games and TU's but all the same result, just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue? I was on Dash 17502 and thought maybe updating to Dash 17511 would fix it but unfortunately still the same results... Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks in advance! ps: what happened to the look of the website, all the fancy designs and art are gone
  21. Hi Guys, Is there a way to Customize Aurora Launch/Load Screen? Instead of the blinding white load screen I want to change it to black - thanks again in advance!
  22. Hey Swizzy, Yup, tried that - copied the TU1 into: content/0000000000000000/584114BB/000B0000/tu00000001_00000000 Then re-scanned content and went back to enable it but it still isn't showing up Wonder if the TU1 is maybe not compatible?? or there's another option I need selected somewhere?? Any ideas or insight is greatly appreciated - thanks again!
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