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  1. Woot, I haven't logged in here for ages as I thought the scene was dead, so it's nice to see someone still working on things. Thanks for the fix.
  2. You better believe it, I've got a Demon Nand/RGH in one and JTAG in the other, I use them both - they are good for head to head in my house and I've got loads of games for them :-). I've not bothered with next gen consoles yet as I don't think they are worth the money, and the games are too expensive. My next gaming machine will be a gaming PC with a GTX 1080 TI or similar, in the meantime I'm sticking to the 360.
  3. Maybe in that year - you could have read though the thread to find out! Basically you can't be bothered, so why should anyone be bothered to reply to you???
  4. When it's released - that's when you'll get it, and not before!
  5. Here's version 1.2 compiled by me (with no mods - except the information bar having my name on it). AuroraAssetEditor.zip
  6. Are you going to post it here? I've built it - but changed some graphics in it so I don't want to post my modded version, if nobody posts it - I'll rebuild and post - probably if nobody else does in the next day or so.
  7. If there is, it's very elusive as I can't find it - hence posting about 1.2. It's not a big deal really - these are the changes since 1.1 ~ Fixed a bug causing issues after ~ 10 minutes of doing nothing + Added support for keyword search on xbox.com, my observations are that it only searches titles starting with the words you write tho... the search is done on xbox.com, Many thanks to JQE for the support on this! ~ Fixed a bug causing the application to crash when there's no internet available + - Removed advanced mode -> enabling the settings menu options by default as they're now supported fully (as of Aurora 0.6b they'll not cause any problems) Regards.
  8. I've just downloaded this from the github page and built it - Should this thread not be updated to 1.2 now as that's the version on the git.
  9. What an awesome update, I'm loving it guys. Works perfect and loving the new lua scripts, especially the disc to god..... :-).
  10. Wow what a fast release, that's both my 360's updated and working fine. Great post and many, many thanks to the Devs for this.
  11. For those that need to play this - you need a content update: You need to search google for this content update: A92CACF8DF6D9DB1C32970035A6B8B63B09C2F1641 After that - open it with a hex editor and change bytes: to ff - as shown in this picture: to make it unlocked and region free Once done install to: Place content in the xbox360 - /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/4156091D/00000002/
  12. Thanks guys, I appreciate the update - I don't have an xbox one and still use my 360's so this is great. Thanks very much.
  13. Extract the title update first then mod the files you extracted. FTP them over to your jtaged (extracted game folder). Then test.
  14. mrdude


    Thanks swizzy, I posted it here as well since I got it from homebrew connection - thanks. ************* * Changelog * ************* v1.3 - Mod by Swizzy released 24-05-2015 + Added support for USB devices (since USBMU after 17349 actually go into USB#:\Content\..... as a hidden directory) NXE2GOD_V1.3.rar
  15. Thank you very much Mattelta, your work is excellent and very much appreciated. I will put this into my skin collection - but i'm still loving Darkside too much just now, although this skin is very nice as well.
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