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  1. So this is a bit of a stretch considering that ConnectX is an old dev thingy and, I guess, not much is known about it, but I'm hoping someone can give me some insight anyway. I have an older CentOS release 7.3.1611 machine with Samba version 4.4.4. This was my old ConnectX machine that hosted the games and it works just fine. The disks were moved so I figured I'd just connect ConnectX to my newer fileserver directly instead. It has Fedora 28 with samba 4.8.3. I can not get ConnectX to connect to that machine and I have no idea why. Aurora is updated to 0.7b r1622, from 0.6b something, but I doubt that is relevant as the ConnectX.xex is the same very old version. Previously, when I had problems, it was because of the hostname in smb.conf. On the Xbox360, you have to connect to a hostname using all caps with ConnectX. That is all fine and I've verified the shares just fine from a windows machine. I can browse and discover both machines over the network on a windows 10 machine. Both machines have the nmb.service running so they are discoverable. Its not a DNS error. I have an A record for both servers and can lookup the name just fine. I even tried copying smb.conf from the working machine over the other one to see if there was some setting in it that caused it. No go there. I moved the network cable over from the working to the non working to see if there was something in the switch or cable. No go. There are no firewalls in the way. Firewalld is even uninstalled on the Fedora machine. SElinux is in permissive mode on both machines. Its not permissions. Even trying as root does not help. Finally, I mapped the shares from the Fedora 28 file server over to the old working CentOS machine and was able to get it working that way, but of course, this is a very ugly fix as I was hoping to toss the CentOS machine. Any way.. anyone have any ideas what I forgot to check? I can not find any difference between the working CentOS machine and Fedora 28, except for the samba version. Aurora logs on the Xbox360 does not show anything specific from ConnectX other than loading the plugin, so that is not much help. Thanks!
  2. I know this is an old thread, but your DISC2 is probably actually DISC1. Mine was reversed so I extracted DISC1 and there it was. DISC2 is the actual game for me (which I converted to GOD)
  3. This is why I suggested moving away from SMB and ConnectX in particular with Aurora 7 =) Something like the PS3s ps3netsrv would be much easier. Personally, I had problems at first. I run a small CentOS Linux 7.3.1611 machine with a big ass raid array connected to the sata port for PS3 and XBOX 360 and I did not manage to connectx to it either at first. Finally I managed it, but I can not remember the exact setting that caused it. I do remember that when it started working was the same time as I could start seeing the server in Windows Networking (when just clicking "Network" in Windows 10 explorer), so probably when I got the correct netbios name to be detected on the network. I also added a static A record to the DNS of my domain for it so name resolution would work (Again, linux box is not joined to the domain, however all machines, XBOX360 and the CentOS machine use the main domain DNS as its primary DNS). Important is the netbios name and workgroup. I also have a Windows Domain, but the samba server on the CentOS machine is not directly joined to it. I could never bother with the file servers as its not exactly intuitive. So I match the workgroup setting in samba.conf to my domains name. smbstatus shows version 4.4.4 Heres my, very simple, samba.conf. Netbios name and workgroup are changed only to protect the innocent.
  4. I'd gladly donate $100 if you get rid of ConnectX and implement your own solution, kinda like ps3netsrv.
  5. I have my Castlevania in XEX format as well. Like this: Castlevania LoS [MD]\Disc 1 Castlevania LoS [MD]\Disc 2 (MD just means MultiDisk, so I know). They both show up fine in the list of games and swapping automatically works fine as well. My notes (Yeah, I like notes for myself) reads: The following games has multiple DVDs, either in XEX or GOD mode (does not matter really). In Aurora, make sure the "Freestyle Plugin" module is active. Also, in DashLaunch (if you have that), make sure Behavior/autoswap is disabled. The Freestyle Plugin in Aurora will take care of the swapping so you do not want it enabled in DashLaunch as well! [MD] tag on games means "Multple Disks". At the time of writing with Aurora 6b, these disk switching will not work if you are running the game over ConnectX (bug in Aurora). It works fine if the game is on the internal HD or a USB disk (Not tested USB) though. Some games also work if you just quit when asked for disk 2, then start the game from disk 2 and load your save: Castlevania LoS [MD] Dead Space 2 [MD] Dead Space 3 [MD] Infinite Undiscovery [MD] Mass Effect 3 [MD] Max Payne 3 [MD] MagnaCarta II [MD] Rage [MD] The Witcher 2 [MD]
  6. Gotcha. Not that intuitive =) Added it so now the RF version works as well.
  7. Of course not. Because I am an idiot =) I found an old thread where it was said that Aurora scans automatically at each reboot. It must have been before the checkbox was added to make it optional =) Thanks again for the help. Atleast now I know how to grab TUs from the xKey xbox if I can not find it. I figured I should send this TU to XboxUnity but its not really easy. There is a title there already with the correct Title ID but the wrong Media ID, so hm. I need to create a new title "Saints Row IV" with Title ID 4B4D07F6 and media ID 483CE82F It'll only let me search when I click Add Title though.
  8. Clever. Thanks. I tried something else. I had an xKey XBOX as well so I loaded the ISOs there and logged in to live. Started the game and it downloaded an update for it. Great. Then I put the harddrive in my PC and stole the title update via Horizon. Copied it to HDD1\Cache on the JTAG xbox and ... it does not show up in Aurora. Crap =(
  9. Editing a post seems a bit broken here so I'll make a new post. I can see that the Media ID I wrote above does not match. The GOD folder is 4B4D07F6 so that was what I was looking for. When actually checking the Media ID in Aurora for it though, it says 483CE82F So the lesson is, do not trust the GOD folder and always check the Media ID in Aurora? I thought they were the same thing. Edit: Never mind. I see now. Title ID and Media ID can be different and I want the Media ID for TUs. Too bad I can't find it anywhere =(
  10. But the Media ID is 483CE82F. When I search for that it finds Saints Row IV - 4B4D07F6 But when clicking on the 7 TUs for it, it says its for 130ABF66 I dont get it, sorry =)
  11. Greetings. I was wondering about title updates for Saints Row IV Game Of The Century Edition. It requires title updates to play when you've manually put the DLCs in. My ID for that game is 4B4D07F6 Title Updates in Aurora 6b are empty for that game. If I search for the title ID on xboxunity.net, I get a hit that shows 7 updates, named "TitleID: 4B4D07F6" Good, a match! If I click the "updates 7" button on that, it shows "Updates for MediaID : 130ABF66" Huh? Anyway, I tried grabbing them all and copied to /Hdd1/Cache/ but neither of them show up in Aurora (not so strange if its the wrong ID). What am I missing here? Thanks!
  12. Quoting myself here. While the button to take you to the filemanager to see where the game is (In Aurora 6b) works, its a bit of a hassle getting back again. I found that the easiest way to see where the game is located is to click "Delete" on the game. It will then show you the full path it will delete and its exactly the information needed. Just make sure to not click "Yes" when here.... =)
  13. Excellent =). Then I know its not just me. Thanks for the response. Ignoring all the new features of 6b, the script engine alone makes it all worth it. Thanks!
  14. Heya, tldr; Multi disk games not working with ConnectX. Works fine from internal HD. I thought I had read about this issue a while back, but I can not recollect. My memory says something like "It will be fixed in Aurora 6" but I might be imaging things. Anyhow, I run all my games from ConnectX. I've never got multigame disks to work (Those that need GOD or "disc 1/disc 2" folders). Today I wanted to investigate some more. So I made GOD images from my Mass Effect 3 DVDs and put them both in the same folder on the server, connected with ConnectX. So folder structure: "Mass Effect 3 GOD\4541095D\00007000\11A3E054F2D71A6D6CB9.data" and "Mass Effect 3 GOD\4541095D\00007000\B585068BCD06D97BE161.data" I then verify that both disks show up in Aurora and try to launch DVD2. Start a new game and it says "Insert disk 1". Nothing happens. I read up on things and verify that the FSD plugin is enabled and diskswitch (or whatever its called) is disabled in Dashlaunch. Still nothing. So I try the same thing with XEX. Structure: "Mass Effect 3 XEX\disc 1\<disk contents>" and "Mass Effect 3 XEX\disc 2\<disk contents>" Same thing. It does not switch. So I then copy the GOD version to the internal HD. Boom, instantly switches to DVD1 when I launch the game from DVD2. I only see the "insert disk 1" message for a second. So is it me or does the FSD plugin not work from ConnectX at all? Thanks! Update1: I also tested Mass Effect 3 in GOD mode on a little USB drive. No problem there either as it switched disks just fine. Update2: Also tested Mass Effect 3 in XEX mode and its the same as GOD. Works from internal HD and USB, not from ConnectX.
  15. I'd recommend Rebug. No 4.81 yet, but it'll be here soon (4.81 was just released). So go with Rebug 4.80.1. Read NOR/NAND Patch NOR/NAND Write NOR/NAND Install Rogero Downgrader 9.99 from restore menu. Boot, install QA enabler. Make sure you get 3 beeps (or your BD drive is not connected right). Install Official Firmware 3.55 from restore menu. Install Rebug 4.80.1 from normal dash. As usuall, when upgrading / installing a CFW, make sure you do not have a disc in it, game mounted and disconnect from the internet. http://www.psx-place.com/threads/4-81-cfw-custom-firmware-updated-homebrew-apps-plugins-tools-spoofs-and-more.11410/
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