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  1. isent it a USB compliant actual memory unit? the only thing that has built in memory that IS part of the NAND is the big block phat consoles as far as i can recall. me personally on my trinity i installed a USB port that is hidden behind the left grate this way i can simply remove the grate or hide the mod if i choose...tho i do have a 2TB external HDD plugged into it also i dont know if it is part of the NAND or not....but if it is like the corona boards with an actual removable 4GB storage device u can convert it to a USB device to be plugged into your computer or what ever
  2. didnt even know that ha ha i figured it was similar to the same set up and could download directly from MS servers rather than manually extracting things from the HDD and uploading, ty for the info im having a look around a cpl other sites also that seem to have PC based apps also if i find some kind of solution ill post here in case any one was wondering as well
  3. thats kind of a bummer thought there might have been i think something like it exists in the PS3 scene thats what made me inquire about it here
  4. how do i change it from Hdd1:\ to IntMU:\ ?
  5. For starters i would like to mention that i have a demonized trinity system with the MU mod performed as a female USB port, I currently have a 2TB HDD connected as intMU\. I have gained FTP access to the intMU\ by using the dashlaunch plugin ftpdll.xex v4 and setting it up properly in the .ini. I also configured 360 content manager to connect to the correct IP address as well as the port required by the plugin, when i click the test button it reads back "Connection to xFTPdll Successful" so now i know this is connecting properly....how do i configure 360 content manager to now FTP into the intMU\ instead of HDD1\ like its set as default? a screenshot would be very helpful as i have combed through what seems to be the simplest of settings but am not apparently seeing it? according to 360 content manager v3.0 change log it is supposed to support FTPing to different directories other than HDD1\ but i can not seem to see where to change it to intMU\, i have even tried editing it in the install path (lower right corner) but it does not seem to want to let me edit that at all either. I seem to just be missing this one simple part of the process to keep me from merging all of my various backed up DLC XBLA and TU's into one area....i guess worst case scenario i could put in a 2.5" 1TB instead of my retail (simply there for dual booting and live) HDD format it on the RGH side and make 360 content manager dump sort and unlock everything to that HDD1\ and copy it to intMU\ but that seems to be a pain and i really dont have the spare 1 TB 2.5" to do it with... any help would be greatly appreciated in this area.
  6. is there a mass TU downloader tool that works on the PC end so that i may scan my FAT32 External USB HDD and just download all the TU's i need in a simple one click then use something like 360 content manager to FTP it to the correct location? I would just like to get all of my TU's in one quick grab other than just using FSD to get them individually. My ither question that i am kind of curious about is if the TU's need to all be installed or just the latest one? i.e. COD has 6 TU's do i only need the latest TU or do i need all 6 TU's to make it functional?
  7. wow where have i been? an F3 replacement? ive been so used to FSD2 and FSD3 since the JTAG days i dont know how this would work for me....tho it cant hurt to keep an eye on it and play with it every now and again....glad to see a new dashboard crew has come about :-)
  8. +1 might as well port the 360 IE app and remove the XBL gold requirement some how.....then just use netflix threw that....or port any other browser for netflix use
  9. nice to see this :-) something to add to my one console to rule them all LOL loves his work on the PSX emulator hope somebody else decides to pick it back up and run a bit further with it
  10. I have begun setting up retroarch on my 360 as it seems to have the most functional emulators available for the 360 to date, a lot of the others got left in beta phase and some things do not seem to function properly or have missing adjustments and things like that. I have begun transferring my rom sets into the roms folder in there respectable folders ( roms/NES ROMS/rom sets here). i opened the retroarch folder and seen a retroarch.cfg which I opened to skim threw and see what options were able to be changed in this file, at this point i ran across this: default_rom_startup_dir = "game:" Now i know i dont run my roms from from the DVD rom which is what i am assuming the game: directory comes into play at they are located in my USB device in the following path USB0:EmulatorsRetroArch-360roms so my question about this is that if i change the "Game:" in the CFG file to "USB0:EmulatorsRetroArch-360roms" will it then take me directly to my rom set sub directory's when i choose to select my roms? Another question is about genesis plus gx and the sega cd emulation. Accordint to the NFO/Readme so as previously stated I have all my systems separated by platform then the sets contained in the appropriate platform folder, but does the BIOS file need to be located in USB0:EmulatorsRetroArch-360roms or in USB0:EmulatorsRetroArch-360romssega cd ? Im aware it say the same location as my image files but i was unsure if retroarch was intended to be set up the way i am going about things and where it would look for the BIOS file. furthermore about the sega cd emulation with retroarch is .zip supported or should they be unzipped? I beleive the last port or version i recall using of genesis plus gx they needed to be un-zipped, further more all the sega cd images i have are in BIN/CUE format which file in particular does the emulator need or does it need both files to function properly?
  11. Black screen's on COD MW, MW2 and Waw....blops loads tho...i can still use the guide button but it the guide table (this is whats refereed to as mini blades correct?) flicker like a strobe....these 3 games are literally the only games i have had issues with....and whats weirder is i have played them on this RGH before....i had to have changed a setting some place just not sure where to look....not may options aside from with in dashlaunch i guess?
  12. how did you do this? is it a dashlaunch setting? this is an entirely new install just rescanned every thing as well as migrated from a 1TB hdd to a 2TB hdd reassigned paths and every thing from scratch....no idea if this would help much at all or not....
  13. im having the same issue as well tho im unsure as to what the problem is....i have played the very same disc rip i am trying to play and all i get is a black screen......the only indicator i can think of is some settings in dashlaunch....i updated from dashlaunch 3.07 to 3.10 no avail....but i have recently played with the fake live settings and a few others between session so i will attempt to turn some dashlaunch settings off and see what i come up with now that this OP has given me some kind of direction on where to look at least on his case
  14. see also the things different beyond a 2TB hdd i found this printed on the HDD inside the enclosure....i tried switching it to a USB 2.0 enclosure instead:http://www.seagate.com/support/downloads/beyond-2tb/ andhttp://www.seagate.com/beyond-2tb
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