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  1. i agree with dave, Dont spend time on getting covers, Just let it download it automatic
  2. Well hansolo77 , IF they know what they are doing, They can save thousands of money on games & sell the service, Nothing wrong with that And they probably enjoy doing what they are doing
  3. do you got avatars ? if so, Dont worry bout it.
  4. Sweeeeet Im really looking forward to this console , But it probably be a little while But great news indeed.
  5. this was easier http://www.game-tuts.com/community/f217/how-set-up-downloaded-gamesave-use-125894/ For those who asking same thing as me Thanks.
  6. Thanks Lets see if i can manage to get it work xD
  7. Hey guys, I recently found a nice save on diablo i wish to inject to my game, How can i do this??? Any guide or somthing, Thanks for upcoming answers
  8. "Install Notes" Extract Folder To XBOX360 hdd & Run XYZPatcher.! For Assassin creed black flag.
  9. If its a fake chip , She / he wouldnt be able to play at all ? As the person sais they could play awhile.
  10. Check this list with games... http://link.jqe360.com
  11. this post is useless! make sure you got system link before you asking for this.
  12. We dont share where we get stuff here Unless its in pm...
  13. how do you install it exacly ?? games like bf4 / cod required you put the content data into content on internal xbox disc.
  14. Yo guys, I never thought my console had xell , But ye it did , I was just not patient enough to wait for it to boot Anyways !!! Some questions ! Does the usb need to be clean for mupen to load ? Where do i put the roms ??
  15. Enable fake live. and make sure u installed it correcly.
  16. The roms works for me , May i ask where you got your emulator ? Ext/Internal ? I got on my internal , Maybe you should try that if not you have already .
  17. i had same issue, I reinstalled Fsd and it solved the issue .
  18. yes you can, I run both on my external, Just remember, IF u want fsd default when xbox booting usb needs to be in the xbox.
  19. croize

    Dead Space Video

    You can patch the games to your profile on jtag, I used to this with games i baught on my retail xbox. I cant rly remember how tho.. google , What i did
  20. I got both, Fake & live enabled, And i never ran into sucha a issue that your describing , Corrupt games? Try a diffrent one of them all.. ?
  21. croize

    Nes emulator.

    Solved, For those who have same issue, Reinstall fsd, But for my concern i do think it was the skin that fucked it up..... Sry bad language
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