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  1. been stuck doing all this loop just to update avatar..for me the only way is just connect the usb and the latest dashlaunch in your xbox and boom avatar update is done
  2. after checking all i have found the problem..it's my external hdd..the cause of the problem..yup all fix..but i want know if my kernel..and dash launch and my nand are all correct? with the log file that i have posted..
  3. well i can't post any picture's inside of my xbox cuz it's still have warranty and with warranty jtag..well right now it's working...i think the problem is my usb port hard disk going to xbox..but can't tell for sure..everytime i turn off my xbox and leave it turn off for 1 or 2hours it won't boot anymore unless i try to plug and unplug both side of the usb port. xbox going to my hard drive i'm just having this problem..after my friend switch of my xbox while i'm playing gta 5.but before that everything are ok.. i'm sorry i don't have have my original nand..my only back up is when i updated my kernel and dash launch.. to the latest version right now..and one more thing.. i went to info fsd looking at dash version it just say's 3.0. is that really correct? but i have a dash launch 3.10..hmmm really need help with this..and 1 more thing..i think i'm doing it wrong..everytime it won't boot up i tap my xbox and try to plug and unplug the usb port both side and sometime's my xbox will boot..thanks for the help guys..i really need it badly thanks what do you mean fake glitch chip?
  4. hi have manage to turn on my xbox again...cuz my first problem is my xbox is not booting.. before this happen i have update my dashlunch to 3.10 and kernel 16537. ok here is what it say on xbuild after this i'm playing nice for days..but my friend went here yesterday..while i'm playing he accidentaly turn my xbox off using the green light button on the consol. after nad hour i went to switch it on. now it won't boot. after 5hrs trying to boot. it boot again and now i went to look nand flasher for back up. i have back up my nand and here it is. after playing and hour i turn off my xbox and when i'm going to switch it on. it won't boot again..until today..i have tried to boot it again for another 4 or 5hrs again and it boot..lucky..wew..(even xell won't boot) i just wanna know if my xbuild and this nand flasher are all correct and should i flash nand and create a updflash.bin while my xbox still switch on..i hope you can help me out thank you.. ok i put the updflash.bin on a usb stick boot using dvd rom..xell show's up it went all..but it says at the last part that bad block..etc.. please shutdown your consol now..is that really right?
  5. wew...kinda hard to do this cuz i still have warranty..but just really looking for solution that will not void my warranty.maybe you would say..that i should bring it on the warranty service..well it's 5hrs driving from here...to lazy to do that.. T.T
  6. well i guess i'm having some answer from some one.. they say it can be done by refreshing jtag mod cheap..how can i do that?
  7. it's a corona..xbox 360 slim. freestyle dash 3.10 kernel 16537 glitch 2. i don't know about the mod chip..
  8. hello..i need some help with my xbox 360....it won't boot up..also trying to boot up in xell to flash nand..but it won't boot also..it's just a green light in the middle..and four green light blinking on the controller..also tried to change my hdmi cuz i have already read some thread about it but still no luck... T.T
  9. yup got it..all done thanks for all your help...hihihi just want to make sure
  10. ok about this simple nand flasher..so i'm just gonna put the default.xex and just run on my xbox and boom it will do everything? it will save my nand everything? sorry for being a noob...but thanks for helping me out
  11. ok i'm on it..now all i see is blue screen and some letters...it says success at the first but when i try to open the ip address of xbox on browser say's it cannot connect..and on the blue screen... it says. looking for files on local media and TFTP. and just showing trying tftp ip update etc etc.. just goin on loop
  12. i have check this thread already and didn't help me every single bit in the internet..didn't fix my problem..but after 2days..getting headache and really frustrated..i try it again to put dvd 1 to content but this time on cache content..and it works with no problem!..problem solved..
  13. hi guys..i would like to ask.if there's any tutorial for nand back up as i read on the internet? cuz i'm afraid that maybe it will come in a point the my xbox 360 would crash and i have to flash xell like that sorry i'm a noob with this so i'm asking..if do i need to backup my nand.. i have a xbox 360 freestyle dash..dash v is 3.10 kernel is 16537. any help with this? or any tutorial..??thanks.
  14. good day guys...i need some help really desperate.. i have done everything that i can..and all topic guide how i can play gta 5. done using xbox image browser and converting disc 1 and putting on HDD:Content0000000000000000545408A700000002 i also converted using xbox image browser even dvd backup..and put dvd 2 in game files. yes doing this bypass. ALERT, An online user profile is required for this version of th egame. please sign in now.. but on loading screen...it just freeze and nothing happen.. ok tried converting dvd 2 using iso2god..but not disk 1..still used dvd backup and put it on content. now an online user profile is required.. so i guess i should not use iso2god.. my real problem is the loading screen...i have patch my dashlaunch to 3.10 may dashboard 16537. please i really need help..been doing this for like 11hrs from now.
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