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  1. irishdave Thats why he said he wanted them to release the latest source so community could work on the issues
  2. Just download Fsd , Put it on a usb stick / harddrive , Then go settings and enable the beta downloads , And its solved i think Dont forget to put the path in dashlaunch incase you want Fsd to be default
  3. You can put Fsd on usb
  4. I wonder ... IF xbox one gets hacked like 360 , If we get a custom dashboard : D Hope so
  5. Skin is buggy , Nothing on fan settings, xlink kai? lol , It supposed to be link , Just letting u know =)
  6. croize


    The scan deep doesnt matter aslong it finds the files... Just telling fsd how deep it will scan. So even if you put it on max ,it wil be working.
  7. croize


    i dont have any issues , You just installed it wrong ^^
  8. Yo, I go avatar store on xbox , And just put url in the downloader ?? And thats it ?? Is it safe for the xbox ??? Thanks for the great work !!!
  9. Opened the harddrive input and blow some .... Think it may been dust... cause now it works again :S But just to find out ... i will restart to see if its same. Might been it ... does it makes any sense even ???? Anyways now it works... Thanks bud ...
  10. Lol im a noobie on it , I couldnt.. Rather send it away again, This problem happend before.
  11. Nope i did not yet , Xell doesnt boot , Im going to a friend soon to try the harddrive . But i still need to get xex / fsd in :S
  12. Nope i dont , And its a slim bud... Working fine without harddrive.. I could play without internal.. But i cant seem to get xexmenu / fsd pop up from usb on screen : S
  13. As the topic says , My xbox dont start with the harddrive that came with it in... 250 gig .. once i takes it out ... it starts under 10 sec ( somtimes more ) . now how do i get xex menu inside xbox ????? Help ! plz !
  14. i can , but system link doesnt seem to work with it , Everything else does Just wondering if someone managed to get it work =)
  15. Heya , As the topic says , Is it possible ? If then how ? Only net i got atm
  16. have you checked in normal stock dash???
  17. Or just tell him to put all his good / important stuff that he got on a external harddrive that noone else uses.
  18. you dont need to use Xexmenu at all , I dont , And you can use more then 1 external , i use 2 atm, 2 tb x2 , You can choose to make them extracted files ( xex format i guess ) or in ( God format ) Fsd will find these games no matter what if you set the paths for fsd to look for them
  19. Lets say a jtag hack will come to xbox one, You more then likely need a nand, Just like on a xbox 360.
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