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  1. Most of my ps3 iso images that im trying to run on my ps3 with cobra ode installed are giving my this message '' AN ERROR OCCURRED DURING THE START OPERATION(80010006) I read that this error code relates to the PS3 having trouble accessing a file.To fix this, it said to "Restore File System" in safe mode.I restored file system and it did not fix anything ? Can some please help me figure out why this error code keeps popping up and games don't start ?
  2. oh okay.. updated and everythings working good thanks
  3. I would like to know if it is safe to update my ps3 from 3.41 to 4.50...I just installed my new COBRA ODE and everthing seems to be working good but my ps3 dash is on 3.41 and all the games that im trying to play require an update to 4.50...so if I update will I brick my ''COBRA ODE'' ? All this time something like two or three years have passed without me updating my ps3 waiting for something like cobra ode to come along and now that its here I would hate to brick my system or my COBRA ODE... so can some one please let me know if its safe to upgade to 4.50 with cobra ode installed ?
  4. oh I didn't know that I did not have to use xex menu...what do you use if you don't mine me asking ?What do you recommend ? oh and thank you for just giving me a straight answer.
  5. I really need help and hope some one can just give my a simple answer...My internal xbox 360 hdd is only a 250 gb and I have run out of room on this drive with about 40 xbox360 games on it...and I have an external 2tb hdd ...my question is do I have to have all my games loaded in xex menu in games Directory of my internal 250gb hdd to run them in FSD ? Because I have another 150 xbox360 games that I want to add but out of space on 250gb hdd.Must I have the games loaded in xex menu for them to run on FSD ? How can I add the additional 150 games or where can I add them ?Is it possible to have all 190 games loaded on the 2tb hdd and run them in FSD without having the games installed in xex menu ? I have seen other people having over 200 games installed and running on FSD, how is this possible if the largest xbox 360 internal hdd is only 250 to 300gb ? please help
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