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  1. Sorry my bad english, and I'm not sure if I can post it here, sorry if posting in the wrong place, here's my question. In this new version, can we expect a way to send messages and add friends by hud? This is what gamers want most today
  2. thanks for the reply unfortunate end team more continue dreaming of this day count on my help
  3. Can we expect Party system, rankings in games , sending invites and adding friends on LiNK in the next Update ? I really appreciate what you guys have already done and it's "better something than nothing" but it could be all the more amazing if you guys can incorporate these things in the new versions of LiNK .
  4. good afternoon Sorry my bad english I am Brazilian we Brazilians have thought about the possibility of chat or a list of friends who rode directly from freestyle dash. It would be possible this happen? As we enter the systen link with our rgh see who's online by own xbox rgh?
  5. open xmplayer in xell is loading.......... put the file xell in the root of the xbox and tried to run by Dash solves nothing please can you help sorry english google
  6. hello goodnight upgraded to new version of f3 according to the post, TU updated and appears in the right corner 22.0 to 1 pass gain at all however when connecting the message Could not get into the game session help me please
  7. my doors were all avertas more properly appears in test router not found when I walk in the room appears tuo public right I connect certinho more when I go on the host to access the rooms do not appear anyone'm not able to see anyone in the halls. help please
  8. Dear fellow I had the same problem and did the following which worked for min. vc opened four doors with two tcp and udp two, like I did before I did just open a tcp and udp 1000 to 1001 1001 to 1001 Excuse my English because I speak Portuguese I have helped
  9. hello goodnight I could configure all the requirements of Syslink UPnP router found: not found Data Port Status: Port: 1000 TCP: UDP pass Satus brodcast Port: Port: 1001 TCP: UDP: pass Jqe360 authentication: pass I put the entire process on screen perfect game in connection system where the rooms have when I try to enter any room opens a window saying ERROR possivl was not entering the game session sometimes appears not connected to server I appreciate everyone's work and hopefully help please Sometimes when I connect my xbox turns itself off unable to connect to host?
  10. We're having a hard time connecting here in my city open the port 1000 on TCP and UDP in the modem more test UPNP enabled router always appears not found status data port tcp / udp fail Broadcasting tcp udp port fail jqe360 pass what ip should I put on xbox? time to log into xbox JQE by tb is all correct sucefull please help us
  11. What ports should I open and what should I put in the xbox ip
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