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  1. Is there a way to get the XELL to boot like a DOS prompt? So I can go back and write back the files I deleted? I deleted some files from the flash directory and now I get the E79 error with the red light. However by ejecting the tray I get the xell boot up.
  2. kbdog

    E 79 Error!

    So I was trying to get my Kinect to acknoledge a "system update" from a thumb drive but it woudl just not see the drive during boot up? So I noticed a folder called "flash" and deleted the files in it . I did make a copy of the folder before doing it but when I rebooted with the controller I got the black screen with E 79. I booted with the tray and got the XELL blue screen but all it does is scrolls through with an ip address? How can I place the folder back? so I can at least get back where i was? Also has anybody been able to get that damn kinect system update to work? My avators all have that default look and I can not play any kinect games. Yes, Im a noob Thanks
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