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  1. Could you please send me a link to the latest Tu needed to play the force awakens and battlegrounds as my son is going mad. Would be very much appreciated.
  2. no, thats not the right update , thanks anyway. i need this version title id: 42560832 media id: 033466f1. Thanks again.
  3. Does anybody have the required update plus the TU for the force awakens pack for Disney infinity 3? Much appreciated as my little boy has just bought the pack and cannot use it :\
  4. Is there any chance i could trouble you to send me the disney infinity 3.0 update please?? i cant get it anywhere
  5. ..I know there is an app on freestyle to copy DVD games to the hard drive but I have now switched to aurora..and I can't seem to find a way to do this now. Is there an alternative app that I can use to do this on aurora? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have looked through the forum and got acronis, formatted the damn drive(freecom 500gb) a number of times, made it primary and active but when i plug it into my jtag it just does NOT register. WTH!! Can anybody please help? I am on the latest fsd3 and the latest dash update if that helps. cheers.
  7. I changed to 3.8 dashlaunch and now i have no problems. My dash is 16537 just in case anyone wants to know.
  8. I'm getting A LOT of fatal crash intercepted (assassins creed 4) and dashboard freezing with this release, i was previously on 3.7 and had no problems :/
  9. when i try to log in to the web ui it says i need a login and password?what is it?
  10. ...I think that there needs to be some kind of extra info regarding which TU is needed and different game types (such as zombies,Horde mode etc) next to the host player. or maybe a manditory tu update can be triggered if you try to access a game where people are up to date and you are not. Its really annoying that everyone cannot just update their game beforehand to be honest, it only takes a minute or two and it makes life a lot easier and gets everyone into games a lot quicker.
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