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  1. Hey, please fix your links for Textures#3 They're all broke Thanks and nice job
  2. Ok, thanks. About the dashboard, i have the 16747 dash, not the latest
  3. Ok, thanks Anonymous . It's much better than having to write my NAND again in my xbox.Swizzy, my xbox is a fat, Jasper BB, the temperature around me is usually 25°C. My current temperatures are: TARGET: 80, 71, 73 and LIMIT: 95, 90, 92 in CPU, GPU and EdRam respectively. Any idea os what temperature shoul i set?
  4. Just a question, can i write a NAND on my current NAND that is the same dash ? I just want to change the xbox target temperature, but i am already on the latest dash
  5. Ok, so i will use autoGG to change the target temperature, which value should i set?
  6. Thank you. I just asked because when my xbox gets heated, it don't accelerate the fans. May this be a consequence of consuming too much the fans? I used to leave them on 70%
  7. Just a question, since Aurora doens't have fan accelerator option, won't it damage my xbox?
  8. This happened to me while testing: When disabling screen capture, the dash freeze When attempting to scan paths, the dash freeze When loggin in to unity, the mash freeze Sometimes, while displaying all games, games in GOD format don't appear EDIT: this problems were caused by a bad install of AURORA. Everything is working now
  9. To weather work in FSD 775 you must: Step 1 Register at http://www.worldweatheronline.com/ Step 2 go to http://www.worldweatheronline.com/resend-api-key.aspx Step 3 click on Weather API Sign Up in the lower left hand corner Step 4 Type in the info Step 5 A page should come up showing your API key Step 6 Go on FSD 3 Rev755 Step 7 Go to Set up Step 8 Go to settings Step 9 Click on General Settings Step 10 Go to Weather Settings Step 11 Type in your Weather API key that you got at Step 5 Step 12 Enter your Zip Code or City Step 13 Pick where you live Step 14 Go to General settings which is at the top Step 15 Enable Show Weather on Startup Step 16 Re-Boot
  10. Disable all plugins in dash launch By the way, what dash version do you have?
  11. For me, the assassin's creed trainer worked when i put the files inside the hdd in any folder, not where the default.xex is
  12. I got my avatar. I read some people threads and some said that when they played a game with the folder $System update inside it, they had problems such as game freezing. I usually don't have these $System update folders inside my games, but i will check it Thanks for the help
  13. I updated through autoGG lan but when it was supposed to install the avatar update, the console rebooted and went directly to the update, and the autoGG was waiting for the freestyle
  14. I have updated my xbox to 16537, and all went well, but when i installed the avatar update, it crated all the files to Hdd1:/$System update( There is an image showing where the files are)FFFF005520131125190602869.bmp Aren't these files ussualy in SysExt? 0000000020131125190709156.bmp These files were already there, i didn't moved them Can i delete all these files and install the avatar update again? Or this is the right place where the files should be? Or can i replace the files that are in $sytem update to SysExt/20409900
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