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  1. I just installed Snes360 on my jtag xbox , the emulator works , but the roms does not work whenever I try to play a game the screen is just black any idea how to fix this !!
  2. I am sorry to ask , but what so special about RGloader ?
  3. Eyad


    is there going to be PS2 emulator ? since there is psp and ps1 emulator , so I am just wondering if there is going to be a PS2 emulator
  4. Eyad

    System Link problem

    I know there are a lot of people who has faced the same problem, I just want someone who has the same router who could help me
  5. Eyad

    System Link problem

    I am really depressed right now , I have tried everything , automatic ip , static ip , different ports , disabled the firewall and now DMZ ,
  6. Eyad

    System Link problem

    it didn't work can you suggest anything , where might be the problem ?
  7. Eyad

    System Link problem

    I just enabled the DMZ and put the IP address, I don't wanna sound stupid , but u meant the I.P address that I gave for my 360, right ?
  8. Eyad

    System Link problem

    where do I find the DMZ ? and yeah I tried to play a game , and yeah I gave my 360 a static I.P address and why my ports are twice and in the router , because my friend has the same settings , but he has a different router
  9. Eyad

    System Link problem

    Hi there , I have a problem with system link , the ports don't open I did everything as the tutorial said , but the problem is with my router I tried many ports and the test is always failing I have attached the pictures of what I did in the router settings and system link settings in my Xbox. please can anyone help me p.s : LiNK has worked in my friend's house and I have entered the ip manually
  10. is there going to be PS2 emulator ?
  11. ahhh , okay then.. but is it going to support full HD movies any time soon ?
  12. it does freeze, when I try to play a video from my usb , it freezes !! I was trying to play a full hd movie 1080p
  13. Eyad

    Payday 2 LiNK

    and FIFA 13 please !!
  14. Eyad

    Payday 2 LiNK

    it has system link !!!! ?????
  15. Eyad


    but this one doesn't have TU , I looked in xbuc I can see the other players in the game , but I have no idea how to join them , I can't join their party
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