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  1. Hello. do you have a new link for the dance central 3 patch. or can you share it to me? raffy.canete69@gmail.com


  2. you have to use the OTHER disk to play the campaing
  3. aisac

    Battlefield 4

    the campaing seems nice
  4. it doesnt work for me, how do i change the media id so i can upload it fixed? edit: never mind, all i needed was to reboot xbox, not FSD
  5. i think thats because you would maybe want to do a dual nand some day and play live or something, just keeping the option open
  6. its not the widescreen, i have the same problem and everything else fits perfectly
  7. nice, i didnt know that. we could arrange some weekend pvp, i have a lvl 60 wizzard
  8. ps4 will posibly be better in a bunch of ways but xbox has always the best hacks
  9. amazing. now we only need ps2 and we are done. im downloading PSP Final Fantasy VIII PSN for testing, does that game work?
  10. why don't you use the default skin inside 775? -- i mean use it to change it the way you want it to be
  11. well is has been working kinda bad this last few days but for me at least nothing like that. did you try just turning off the console and outer for a while?
  12. aisac

    FSD screenshots

    whenever i want my screens, i search for .bmp files inside FSD3 folder using my laptop via lan, they are pretty hidden inside their respective game folder (ej. 446668 kinda folder)
  13. no thats an answer! my screen shortcut is back+y cause you just dont push that together ever in a game. ill change it to r3. thanks a lot!
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