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  1. Ok, describe the differences in game before intealling this patch, fsd see it but nothing change in game...
  2. I gues this metod works fine becouse suddenly TU shows up THANKS !! !! !! topic for close.
  3. how to do it via usb? where to copy? i don't have ftp...
  4. doesn't work cars still disappearing...waiting for proper media it, but thanks for help anyway
  5. Please modify/change media id from disc 1 (0C48794E) to disc 2 (79E465C5) for GTA V Title Update in Jqe360 marketplace section. I've got disc 2 in fsd so it doesn't work with disc 1 and i can't download TU, or tell me hot to manually install it. Thanks!
  6. Thx! how can I manually add this? fsd see no TU for gta v
  7. well: http://www.rockstargames.com/newswire/article/51500/gtav-title-update-details.html
  8. Hi, when TU for GTA V will be available/downlable for RGH ??
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