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  1. so you stolen my IDEA & no credits: http://www.xbox360iso.com/jtag-rgh-apps-and-themes/709609-covers-xbox-style-fsd-add-xbla-xbox-covers.html
  2. in the title "[REQ]" for "Request"
  3. SORRY, ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE Anybody make a skin like XBOX ONE?: Thanks!! PD: sorry short message.
  4. Photoshop CS6 + Nvidia Texture Tools (download here)
  5. SORRY, ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE Hi everyone!! , i need some help. How i change the color of Box in Homebrew and Emulators ??? I my another topic , user flaviochief help me editing the boxes and cover template (XBOX ONE STYLE) How you see, the boxes Green change for the color of Xbox One just edit this files: NAME.OF.SKIN.xzp(unpacked)MeshesMeshTextures BlankGreenCase.dds GreenCase.dds GreenCase_old.jpg I see another files: OrangeCase.jpg (XBLA) OrangeCase.dds (XBLA) PurpleCase.dds (Kinect) PurpleCase.jpg (Kinect) SilverCase.dds (¿¿¿???) SilverCase.jpg (¿¿¿???) :/ pls help me. Is it possible to create new files? and assigned at some By editing configuration file or some other, so that in the Emulators section using other "boxes"
  6. Thanks!! when finish i post the result of mi work with your help. --------------------- More CAPS :3
  7. Thanks!!. i work on covers when finish y told you if i need something. again thanks !!!You know how change Box on FSD ? i change Green (retail), orange (arcades), etc etc.... but Emulators & Homebrew use Green Boxes
  8. WOW!!! great job!! thanks a lot!! Could you also suggest some color for XBOX games? (the first console) pd: yes the boxes too pls.
  9. It would be too much trouble to ask the same of the Template but for XBLA (Orange) , Homebrew (Red Wine) and Emulators (IDK color xD) ?
  10. Flaviochief, THANKS!! youre amazing!!!
  11. SORRY, ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE Hi everyone, mi first post my first req xD!! Is it possible to change the color of green boxes of "360" for the color green "Xbox one"? and edit this template: "XBOX ONE" ==> "XBOX 360" Full Template: Here XBOX FONT: here THANKS!!!!
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