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  1. Works great with TU13 but TU16 requires xbox live. Thanks for the app!
  2. I'm really curious to see where I start learning to code for 360 homebrew to make apps. I have taken a class in web programming in college (html, css) but somewhat remember some of the stuff but I did retain the ideas behind the element syntax and stuff. Which resources do I need to start? I have a 360 that I can flash rgloader to and vaguely know anything about XNA.
  3. Why was a single-pan window file manager selected over the double-pan window file manager in FSD?
  4. x64

    Rising Phoenix

    I felt compelled to reply and say THANK YOU! It means a lot that you and the rest of the team phoenix are still developing in spite that the 360 scene is almost dead. I will donate as soon as payday comes around next week to show my support. Please keep bringing us updates when possible and I'm grateful for the team's work!
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