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  1. In your opinion, yes. In my opinion, if it's a slim box and the person has never flashed a drive before, they can achieve what they want with ftp. And not risk losing their drive or having to waste money on hardware. When the end result is the same. Especially considering it's already rgh-ed. My personal box is a Jtag, and has some form of firmware on there, I don't even know anymore. But, the truth is I haven't actually used my drive for ANYTHING since 2009. Unless the person has a huge archive of already backed-up discs, I fail to see where the risk is enough to justify the reward. edit: They don't flash the drive with ftp. They transfer their backups. But after reading his original post, he straight up asked for jungleflasher. I'm sorry I attempted to discourse some common sense and discourage him from giving Team Xecuter more money.
  2. If you don't want to spend the money on flashing hardware, FTP to the box is another method. One I actually recommend for slim boxes, vs the risk of a new person flashing a drive.
  3. I'm sorry it was the illume skin I stole from. Try looking at it's splashscreen.xur http://www.mediafire.com/?1w8mh8b6bhciduq it seems I lied about the looping thing too.
  4. Make sure your is your xbox and not your laptop. IT appears to be your laptop presently, you need to forward the ports to your xbox Ip address, and should reserve that IP for your xbox only, so you don't have to adjust it per boot.
  5. I haven't opened aurora and looked in, but in fsd it was splash.xma in the audio folder. The looping is not an option. http://www.modcontrol.com/Board/185143-post1.html
  6. titleid = hexidecimal to me, I use to keep them extracted in the game folder, titled by the name of the game. Some of my games would only boot from GOD. So I switched to GOD a few years ago; and I tried raising the scan depth. 4 should have been enough to do it. LOl two should have been too. 00000000000 was the start file. Unless someone else posts the same problem, i realize how insane this sounds. So I made this video of my bedroom in need of a maid. Surely it's on my end; to be just one game, too. (AFK) But what it is.... beyond me at this time. Sill uploading, so give it a few. I'd skip the first minute, and somewhere in the fifth I was pretty bored. Maybe you'll throw up, probably won't. Edit: Reconverting the game, and rebooting have solved my issue.
  7. Aurora won't display my GOD of Skyrim. Grrrr the one game I actually play on my box. Displays and plays fine in the other dashes. Other games are appearing and playing. I'd attempt to start it manually, but GOD means I'm not sifting through the hexidecimal folders to find it. I checked with all the filters on/off, show hidden files, blah blah blah, back to fxmenu I go.
  8. Yes it's possible. Especially when you consider the 8yr old still has more power than most smartphones. Nothing released for the public to date, that I know of. So, no. Spam the MIT students, I'll bet you $50 at least one has already written their own API for it. MS- won't be doing one (I don't work for them), they may cave in to demand and share the first public release with retail units.
  9. GOD2ISO or NXE2ISO Was probably never updated to handle to xgd3. Probably never worked safely. IDK... Never used it.
  10. To disable the disc swap.... you can't.... it's built into fsd 2.0 and up. However I'll bet if you enabled swap.xex or the dashlaunch autoswap, it might throw some salt into fsd's game. I like not being useful.
  11. google "Xexmenu", and burn it to a disc.
  12. Insanity's cliff notes: This is how you enable an option, that we haven't got the balls to do, on our $179 system. Which we paid $500 for. But We'll follow up in 2-3 years when they only cost us $200. Because we're to lazy to register with MS as an Indie Developer That's what I gathered from his talking. MS announced a long time ago they were giving devkit abilities to all retail kits. If you do do this, you should probably take the time to register. (Free by the way, which really surprises me, since the greedy bastards charged $25,000 per kit on the last console.)
  13. Hell yeah, THANK You. Finally I can stop having to pay attention to the codec used when I dl my tv shows. Never tried v3, v2 was broken for me. wouldn't load. I didn't read the text, but it did crash the box, after I watched Dexter from usb, and attempted to browse the hd. It was loading from usb too.
  14. unless the two boxes shared a kv, you'ld be forced to format it though. Ps- this time ask him to wire the cpld to stdby_pwr.
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