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  1. I reckon trying to delete freestyle and then install from scratch ,make sure you delete freestyles directories and sub directories before installing freestyle from scratch my friend and that would be your best bet. Hey man just out of curiosity what is the hombrew sony playstation on xbox 360 can you please run me through it hows the compatibility like for the sony playstation aswell mate...till then take care
  2. thanx man but nope I have a different one at the back on the xbox theres a chip near the back usbs and theres a button with a blue light.When you press the button and the light Is blue the jtagg is on and when the switch is not blue and is off it takes me too stock firmware
  3. make sure your xbox classic game is in either ISO2GOD format or folder format freestyle doesn't support iso format for xbox classics yet ...the best way to do it is USB0:\Xbox Classics\ with all your game names named respectively with all its contents in the one folder being a sub folder of Xbox Classics for example USB0:\Xbox Classics\Fable or USB:\Xbox Classics\Halo make sure your games are all in the xbox classics folder with the name of the game and all its contents in a folder in the xbox classics folder so Halo...Fable ...Ninja Gaiden folder in its on separate folder and put them in Xbox Classics folder.. once its organised nicely scan depth around 5 and scan on settings Automatic then point your xbox classics folder and save path ..make sure all your external hard drives are plugged in first and set it to xbox classics for example USB1:\Xbox Classics\...scan depth 5 set tp automatic point the location and if you have another external USB2:\Xbox Classics\ scan depth 5 on automatic or USB0:\..... depending on how many externals you have if this doesn't work delete data history in one of the settings this will delete all your covers cache and scan path but it will fresh everything up like you've just installed free style if that doesn't work delete freestyle and download it again and follow the above from scratch ....this is my advice anyone else who has a better knowledge then me we want to hear what you have to say please let us know your input.. I hope this help I been through what you have and this is what I researched and did for it too work for me.Any questions let me know mate hope it helps take care
  4. Hello Everyone its Fezzy just out of curiosty just wondering how your homebrew game library's looking like this is just not for ps3 but for everything in total only hombrew though my collection consist of PS3 Rogero Cobra 4.46 CFW I have 4 / 2 Tb external hard drvies running the complete collection of PSX and around 300 PS2 Isos and 620 ps3 games in total and out of all this there is no doubles I also have retro arch with complete collection of final burn alpha roms,Nintendo entertainment system roms complete set....Super Nintendo Roms Complete Set...Sega Mega Drive Complete Set...Sega Master System Complete Set ...Gameboy Advance/Game Boy Color/Game Boy Complete Set and bits of other roms The ones I listed run with 100% compatibility with the latest retro arch...ive also got my favourite PSP games on external hard drive Xbox 360 with Freestyle Dash 3 with a jtagg chip with latest 16747 dashboard I have 2/2TB external hard drives with about 50 skins retro arch with the same collection listed on the ps3, 340 Xbox 360 games...entire collection of Xbox classics and 520 Xbox Live Arcade Games Nintendo Wii Modded I have a modded Wii it has a 4TB NTFS external hard drive with almost the entire collection on Wii Games around 9000 games I think it is running on the latest Configurable USB homebrew application.....im soon getting the entire GameCube collection but don't have it just yet Nintendo 64 Modded with EverDrive 64 Cart Latest Everdrive 64 Cart running a 8 Gb Memory Card with the entire collection of Nintendo 64 games...with 100% compatibility PlayStation 2 Modded with Modbo Chip My PS2 is Modded and it plays all region and burnt PSOne games and all region and burnt PS2 Games Nintendo 3DS Modded with SuperDSTwo Card with 64 Gb Card I have a 3DS with almost the entire collection of the orginal Nintendo DS Games.I would of had the collection the only thing is it doesn't fit on a 64GB card im going to upgrade to those new 128 GB Cards soon It should fit the collection,its also running a super Nintendo emulator with collection of SNES, a SEGA Mega drive emulator with the collection....and a Gameboy Advance/Colour/ And the original Game boy collection roms...all with 100% compatibility PlayStation Portable or PSP with 6.60 CFW I have the new fan translated Final Fantasy Type-0 Game with 2/64Gb MicroSds running on a 2 slot Memory Card Duo Adapter bought from eBay...I have heaps of PlayStation One Games and Playsation Portable Games on a total of 128Gb of space which is maxed out Impressive collection Aye...took me years of downloading lmao... please state your collection and what your homebrew is looking like m curious too know ill be surprised if anyone suppresses my collection let me know and others what you have....take care until then!!
  5. Ok thanx for the tip Swizzy sorry im noob to this website that's all, Anyway I have solved the issue to signing games keys to 4.46 if they are 4.46 plus to work on rogero cobra 4.46 custom firmware. With this tip no ones going to need to update there CFW ever again using PSN Patch 4.55 latest build. I Used your tip jayjay2012 all I needed to do is delete multiman and install it again and it did verify data again....However it was very problematic and would only resign some games but not all to 4.46 to work on 4.46 rogero cobra.. . so thanx for your solid advice but I have been researching and found a bullet proof method into changing any game no matter how new too 4.46 to enjoy on rogero cobra 4.46. What you need to do is for your external hard drive with all the games on it change your GAMEZ folder with all the ps3 games in it too GAMES as PSN PATCH's only checks GAMES not GAMEZ.When you open PSN PATCH press L2 and select the external hard drive usb scan directory for the external hard drive you want to scan by pressing right on the digital pad . Once you've done that press triangle to do a very deep scan but be warned this is extremely slow for a full 2TB external hard drive it will take 3 days but it will patch around 85% of your library to 4.46 for the games that are keyed to above 4.46. Now you can try out multiman of course you have to BD mirror the games that need it but if you press square on the settings for the selected game if it youse to be 4.56 for example...it will say game title then firmware 4.46 neat ha? Now for the rest of the games where the keys did not resign make the GAMEZ folder for all the games that have been resign or changed to 4.46 and make a GAMES folder for the remaining 5 or 10 games that didn't get resigned with PSN PATCH...the reason I say to make 2 games folders is because mulitman and webman can read both GAMEZ and GAMES folder so there wont be any discrepancies or glitches when webman or mulitman tries to load your PS3 Games . Make sure once you've done the GAMES folder for PSN PATCH to resign your remaining games or change firmware to 4.46 for the game title you press triangle once you choose your directory to do a deep deep deep scan but very slow...and guess what Wallllllla I have 4 external hard drives 2 tb each and all the games that where above 4.46 firmware got reverted to 4.46 and worked flawlessly I wrote this short tutorial because people that do a google search can find this and come and handy because I haven't seen anyone that's explained this yet and a lot of people are having trouble with signing games over...with this method you don't have to upgrade from the most compatible and best custom firmware rogero cobra 4.46 I hope this helps happy gaming and take care
  6. Thanx anyway Insanity4all but ive downloaded dark forces skins off realmodscene he has very good skins im just trying to figure out how to put music in his made xzp skins but I don't know how anyone else knows it will be highly appreciated thanx anyway bro
  7. Hello everyone hows it going...I realise you can use psnpatch to scan your whole external hard drive to patch all games to work on a 4.46 custom firmware .I left it scanning my external hard drive for 3 days on slow but accurate setting and it completed. About 85% of games where successfully patched to 4.46 and to my surprised actually worked!!! so its been reverted down the keys have in order for it too work on the old firmwares this is because rogero cobra 4.46 is the most compatible firmware out because you can play ps2 isos psx and psp isos and if you have a backwards compatible ps3 you can play burnt ps2 games of any region and orginals of any region so its region unlocked This is why I don't want to upgrade...the games that I could not patch I used opposio patchs off the net he makes good patches for games to work on older firmwares ive had no problem..........there was acouple I could not find so I tried using multimans verify data ...when mutliman verifys data for the first time it asks you if you want to change the keys to 4.46.. .in order for this too work you must go to settings and change verify usb games from disable to enable..it doesn't work though...this is what I heard anyway I certainly tried it .... does anyone know how to set multiman to always verify game data please wait...it would be really appreciated if anyone can please help because ive been searching for a very long time. If im lucky it will verify the game data when I select a game off multiman but most of the times it does not come up is there a short cut key to verify data on the options for the game...and a setting..im on the latest multiman 4.60 on rogero cobra 4.46 cfw firmware please help I will be forever greatfull
  8. hello insainty4all thank you very much I used a xzp to extract the whole folder of the freestyle xzp skin file and I found the audio file I could not find a splash.xma file so I made one by using a good audio converter program it was below 8mb I put it back in the audio folder and It didn't seem to work I also tried the link you gave me and that didn't work either mate anyone else any other suggestions what you guys reckon lets get this solved so its answerd for me and everyone else that's been asking about this on the net looks like a fair few people according to google....thanx in advance
  9. something strange happened i unplugged the usb external hard drive from the back of the xbox and put them in the front port that and disabling the plugin gave me better compatibility are the usb ports at the front faster or is it because the hard drives hard been refreshed thanx in advance
  10. i managed to fix the problem with disabling fsd plugin for the xbox 1 classic conkers locked and reloaded now im just trying this on other games ill be good at testing compatibility because i have 1000s of xbla and xbox 360 games ill try all the ones i had errors with and if they all work maybe we should sticky this thread ...if it hasn't been one like this already mate thanx heaps man
  11. it sounds like my thoughts exactly mate you been a big help thanx hey swizzy check my other post about a strange problem with a xbox classic game its very very strange let me know what you think mate i want to try to paste the url but i don't know how thank you see if you can find it edit...you absoloute legend thanx man you just answered too of my threads at the same time it was the plugin thank you so much u hero...hey man do you know anything about putting mp3 files in xzp skin files i made a thread about it if you know check it out a lot of people have been wanting to know how to add your own audio track too free style dash skin xzp files...thanx man much props
  12. thank you very much swizzy what exactly is r jtagg ...if its a chip near the power supply for button to jtag on then button for jtag off that's the one i have then is that it what exactly is it mate tc
  13. hello I know how to edit a xzp freestyle skin file with the right programs but does anyone know how to add audio to the skin as intro through editing and preferably so it loops over and over again please let me know a lot of people have been asking this question ill be forever great full thank you very much take care
  14. hello i recently updated my jtagg to 16747 wasn't the hardest thing but it took time to learn ,with the jtagg on i have the latest freestyle and dash launch progams games hombrew etc...however with the jtagg turned off and when it boots in normal NXE its an old dashboard just wandering will updating the stock dash board aswell get rid of my jtagg or do i leave it as is i really would like to know please tell me take care
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