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  1. So basically he is a Hungarian, but it seems like he's not really good in English (he just used Google Translator). He wants to translate the dash and want to know how to do that. I want to do the same - difference is... I speak English pretty well.
  2. tamasnemeti

    XUITT 2.1.6

    can someone upload the xuitt 2.1.6 verison which works with MS ACCESS 2010?
  3. As one other person said before me, it would be nice if you could implement some kind of menu - the console boots into the games page (which is already filtered and FINE), but by pressing back/start or one of the thumbs there would be a menu popping up, with all the saved filters (or predefined folders/filters like XBLA/homebrew etc.) you've created before. So this menu wouldn't be always visible - only when the user wants to see it by pressing for example the right thumbstick. Well it works like pretty much as the folders in F3, but the skin would remain minimalistic due it would be just optional to use. I think more people would accept the skin this way. It's kind of the same if we could have a filter save option, so we can have so to say 4-5 filters saved, then pressing the thumbstick, a menu popping up and a filter can be choosed. It is pretty much the same thing. Scratch that. Finally got to try Aurora. My thoughs: the filtering works just fine (not really, can't list any other type of app than xbox 360 games, and combining the different filter options is not possible - eg. list all all arcade and standard games but not the homebrew apps - homebrew list option does not work at all I might add (at least for me)), but you should make it easier to access the filtering options. Pressing B, scrolling down, choosing it then going back all the time is not really a good solution imho (TheNiceSpy's solution also seems considerable for me). You should make the filtering more accessible by binding the the filter tab (or pop-up window, whatever) to a unique button (like Left/Right thumbstick push). One (or two) other thing I would like to ask for: first of all please include temperature values and HDD space status on the information tab (theres pleanty of space to add them there). Secondly, please add the possibility to change the background image on the dash (some pre-defined color schemes would also be nice). These are not number one priority issues (or issues at all), but please think about them, it wouldbe terrific if you could implement these features. Also, let me thank you for your work, I was looking for a good minimalistic appeal for a long-long time.
  4. Yeah, I have found the same after 1 min google-ing. It's a nice feature, but still little problematic as I'm using the same monitor for the PC and the xbox as well. Anyway, just tested it for half an hour yesterday and the temps look fine, so I think I'll be fine with it. Also LiNK is inaccessible without the FSD plugin, so it's kind of fucked up. Compromises, compromises everywhere. Thank you for your answer!
  5. tamasnemeti

    FSD Plugin

    Hello everyone, So basically I'm facing a minor issue at the moment. I am trying to use a plugin witch enable an ingame trainer in GTA 5. I have added the plugin via dashlaunch 3.12 (dashboard 16747), and it works just fine. The issue is that when this plugin is loaded, the FSD plugin does not load, not even manually. I have also tried to add the FSD plugin via dashlaunch, but still no luck. As soon as I remove the trainer entry from dashlaunch and reboot, the FSD plugin loads as it should. Is there any way to bypass this, or its a design flaw, maybe an intended limitation? I really wish to see the running temperatures of my console when playing, but also want to use the trainer. It would be really nice to run them both at the same time.
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