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  1. or you could have installed an internal HDD..i personally have a 1TB in mine as well as the 2TB external which i only store games on or you could wait till the new dash has official support
  2. this has been covered so many times.. here's what swizzy has said in another thread http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5040-multi-disc-again/?p=40471 cod ghosts is type 1 ...not sure which disc is which but easy to find out if you use Xbox Image Browser and you will see the Content folder on one of the iso's
  3. and get it set so you don't "accidentally" sign into xbox live ...Jtag/rgh consoles should be able to go on xbox live at all if the settings are correct
  4. shouldnt be taking a jtag on live to begin with
  5. no you cant use files bigger than 4gb....swizzy has said that 3 times already you need to need to convert the ISO files into GOD files so they can be used ( or as saywaking has said below...had a brain fade and couldnt think of xbox image browser )...just meaning converted to smaller than 4gb files you will also need to set the scan paths in FSD or Aurora to scan the external HDD so you can use it too
  6. depends if its a good heasdset or not ie..Turtle Beach... not a cheapy..
  7. take it back to the shop it was bought from and exchange it
  8. thi is mine and i consider it to be terrible http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3948336962
  9. talby71

    Forza 4

    ok see what you've done wrong...you do not use isogod to get the disc 2 data, you need to extract the content folder using xbox image browser(or similar program) from the iso...or you could just install using the original disc(if you have it)
  10. in Dashlaunch set contpatch=true....see what happens
  11. talby71

    Forza 4

    disc 2 is a content only disc you should not have disc 2 written anywhere in the folders the content from disc 2 should be in HDD/content/0000000000000000/4D530910/00000002 for it to work
  12. talby71


    its online only just like Plant vs Zombies and Titanfall...no workaround
  13. talby71

    FSD TU Location?

    that update is for the regular edition of Saints Row IV ...it's not for the GOTC edition that's why you wont get it to work
  14. you set it using Dashlaunch
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