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  1. So I have payday 2 on my jtag and I want to install DLC (Armored transport and the both Gage weapons pack). I tried to install it and it didnt work maybe I did something wrong or downloaded the wrong pack, I found a swag bag for xbox . Need help!!!
  2. Oh, thats sad but thanx for letting me know.
  3. I dont know I got a simple wired headset which I connect straight to the controller its not wireless or anything. And I only want to get game sounds on it so PLEASE HELP.
  4. So long story short I have an xbox 360 jtag and this christmas i got a headset from my mother so this morning I tried to hook it up and it ended up not working. I`m asking for help, maybe someone knows how to solve this problem.(I dont need the mic working I only need to hear sounds through it) PLEASE HELP!!!
  5. Hi, I was wondering will there be more games added to the list, because new Borderlands game is coming out and I would want to play with someone.
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