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  1. Cod Advanced warfare cheat for xbox360

    Thanks for everything.
  2. Cod Advanced warfare cheat for xbox360

    Really do you have that link ? If i want to create very very simple trainer what should i have to learn, and could you help me to create very very simple trainr for example for cod black ops 2 (or any other game) ?If my up request is hard could tell me if i have a trainer for tu 3 and i decide to convert it to tu4 is it will be hard to convert ? So sorry for my bad English (i am still learning )
  3. Cod Advanced warfare cheat for xbox360

    You said all things but maybe i don't understand well any way i ised many trainers for cod ghost or every cod and all of them work god but you said i can't , but i could and trainers work well in system link or new guns now i am looking for cod aw new guns trainer and supply boxes .thanks
  4. Cod Advanced warfare cheat for xbox360

    Have anyone trainer for exo in cod aw because i saw before and i don't know where and is any way to ricve supply boxes ?
  5. Cod Advanced warfare cheat for xbox360

    Hi friends i find this site for cod:aw cheats for xbox360 but i don't know how i can use these, please help if anyone knows. Link i found : http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/list-dvars-xp-lobby-aw-rank-xp-0-to-50-aw-models-aw-weapon-untitled.1253717/
  6. Able to play dlcs in normal xbox360

    Can you tell me more becuase my English is not very good I usually use horizon is it good ? I heard about modio people said it is like horizon and what is resigner now you say if i unlock dlc and season pass will it work secssesfull ?
  7. Able to play dlcs in normal xbox360

    Oh no that is bad by the way my second question i forget to ask a game center opened near our neighborhood i when we want to play cod black ops 2 or some game we should first play a music then play the game i if i updated their xbox 360 to 16767 will problem solve i said them but they have not enough knowledge to update ( so they asked me and they said when they updated one of xbox360 after update is was impossible to play cod black ops 1 ) by they if i update will problem solve and their xbox 360s are not jtag
  8. Able to play dlcs in normal xbox360

    My mean from at all is he never want to connect live.
  9. Able to play dlcs in normal xbox360

    No that is not my xbox 360 that is for my friend and he never connect to live and he don't want to connect at all so if send him dlc , seasons pass and title update can he play offline new zombie maps (notice :my own xbox is jtaged )
  10. Hi friends is there anyway to play dlc for example cod black ops 2 dlcs in normal xbox360 i have seasons pass and title up and dlc . Can i play new zombie maps in normal xbox360 if yes what should i do ? Should i first unlock dlc and seasons pass or not needed ?
  11. My Ookla Speedtest result

  12. My Ookla Speedtest result

    Your speed not too bad i mean is better than my speed but in my country i mean Iran for your speed we pay 26 thousand toman (for dollar it is 13-15 dollars ) sorry i mean your speed is good
  13. LINK fails on TCP/UDP

    Use dmz i mean set dmz Yes some time game say connection time out you should change data port and board cast port if it is 9071_9072 change it to 3071_3072 then test it every one hour you maybe should change ports number
  14. My Ookla Speedtest result

    But if i want to download it take 9 or 10 hours . And with fastest speed in my country it take 6 or 7 hours . Be fun with your fast internet speed .Good luck😆😊