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  1. When I press the guide button I can't see the media id or title id of any game, here is a pic showing that I can't see the bar at the bottom & I have tried everything to fix it.
  2. morinzo

    FSD TU Location?

    Where does FSD install title update to? I had to manually download the TU for Saints Row IV GOTC because FSD didn't find any for the MID 483CE82F and I'm not sure where to put it. Or how to add the Saints Row IV Game Of The Century Edition title update to the unity site, could someone please explain how to do that?? Edit: I have tried to put it in the content/titleid/000b0000 & in the fsd/data/title updates & in the caches folder and when I try to launch the game the console freezes on the fsd screen that shows the game. Here is TU 6 for Saints Row IV GOTC Edition if someone can upload it to the unity servers please. Media ID: 483CE82F https://www.dropbox.com/s/ln5vjjd4hnk80tz/TU_15KQ1VM_000000G000000.00000000001G4?dl=0
  3. use dashlaunch to set your temps & you won't need to adjust your fan speed.
  4. After a scan of my xbla games FSD misses the cover art on some games so i refresh the cover art for the games that it misses manually and after I do a couple games it freezez the console and requires me to unplug the console from power to reboot it. Any ideas on whats causing this??
  5. Indie games launch fine from FSD why don't we have a Indie Games tab in FSD like the XBLA game tab? Wish I could rename the Xbox tab to XBLIG because i dont play original xbox games on the jtag. I'd make a good donation to anyone who could rename the Xbox tab to Indie Games.
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