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  1. I forgot to mention how you brilliantly integrated the status bar with the clock. If anyone wonders how to display the status bar progress when downloading art work or TU's, well, just press the right stick and watch under the clock
  2. A lot of improvements, I'm so glad that you reworked the game description so now it blends with the game background so beautiful, then you removed signing off from B button and replaced with Weather (very useful now), this was very annoying in v.1. With the charms bar addition and the customization you can easily fool someone that you run Windows 8.1 on 360. Awesome theme, thank you!
  3. coinstar


    That's because it's not updated by the admin. I submitted the F1 2013 cover a week ago, for example.
  4. Sometimes when you change covers FSD hides the game, you'll find it in Web UI in the Hidden Games category. Just unhide it from the Web UI then rescan in FSD and the game will show again.
  5. 0C48794E is the media id of disc 1, the install disc; disc 2, the play disc has the following media id: 79E465C5
  6. That's because who uploaded this didn't check the media id of the play disc and uploaded it with the media id for the install disc so when FSD checks for the update won't find it. Download the update manually and ftp with 360 content manager and it will show in FSD after you scan, or ask the staff to modify the media id of the update because GTA V install disc and play disc have different media id.
  7. Thank you so much for your promptitude, JPizzle.
  8. What topic says, it's a top notch driving game, can't wait to test Mansell's Williams on Link.
  9. Try to run it with Office 2010 x86
  10. This became my favorite FSD skin, thanks a lot DOC and Team FSD. Only a minor suggestion, could you please add some transparency to the game description, because it covers a good part of the game background?
  11. I have blur, grid, pgr 4, midnight club l.a., dirt 3. I think dirt 2 is better than 3 on link cause it has more tracks to play on link. I'll add it too.
  12. If you decide to play Grid count me in too, guys
  13. Everything works again, thanks, you can close it.
  14. ^^^ Already tried, not working for me.
  15. This problem started today when I tried to download the artwork for a game. When I refreshed the artwork for other games, for example, it switched the full boxart with the normal boxart. I've deleted F3 and did a fresh install but I have the same problem. JQE site has problems or what's happening?
  16. Delete swap.xex, disable autoswap in dashlaunch and let FSD manage this. Put your multidisc games in different folders (i.e. Mass Effect 3 Disc 1, Mass Effect 3 Disc 2) with a scan depth of 1, then after both discs appear in FSD with the same title (Mass Effect 3) just press Y over the 2nd one and move it to "No section".
  17. Do I need an ip from class 192.168.1.xxx to play it on link? My SMC router allocates ip's from class 192.168.2.xxx.
  18. The game requires 15574 but you can run it on older dashes if you remove the system update folder. Check your Dash Launch settings, have you tried to unload Dash Launch then launch the game xex? You can try it to see if Dash Launch causes the problem.
  19. That's the problem, indeed. Thank you both for clarifying.
  20. This isn't the shitty PC scene, lol. What proper are you talking about?
  21. What's wrong with this game? FSD sets the game name, the background, the game icon as Crysis 2. Uploading the boxart on JQE seems a very slow process.
  22. Damn', JQE server isn't working at all, please fix this first, thank you
  23. Your themes look very interesting. I hope that someone will translate them to english
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