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  1. I asked the one I'm connecting to " I need to open ports " . he replied that he doesn't know what I'm talking about . looooolzzzzz
  2. thanks Swizzy but It's clear I did what I was supposed to do , it's blocked by ISP then . if there's a way to force it to be opened I will be grateful :/
  3. looolz , I'm not a lazy person I did that hundred times before posting this :'( man I'm stuck :
  4. nanostation 5 , I use its router mode from network section when opening nanostation in browser , originally it's on bridge.
  5. oh , maybe I need some help with that ,can you help me please ? so I write the xbox ip in the section " private ip " and use the port that I want it to be open in " Private Port" and in " Public Port " , I use the same Port in these two places ? is it ok ?? and leave " Source Ip/ Mask " blank and it automatically fills it with zeroes . am I doing it right ? any video to help with this please ??
  6. by the way , ports always fail but I used to play while they are so . so I don't think it's the problem , because I open the ports with router but it keeps telling me " fail" and there's no way to let ip able to gain any port it requires , so I ignored this thing . do you think it's the problem ?? but I still able to join any room I want and choose to be with other players >> ps. I use a nano station directly and configured xbox to connect to broadband
  7. and I see the number of players in the lobby , but nothing appears in the game itself , like my freestyle is discarded from my games , something so strange , I have been trying everyday and I face the same thing .
  8. Hello guys I have a strange problem. I can't see game hosts in Link after I choose a room using the guide button and navigate to system link > join I find no host though the room I choose is almost full . what am I supposed to do ? I have this problem with both ghosts and black ops 2 , and may all other games , but I only try to play these games . any solution ??
  9. and it gets delete after you close your xbox 360 , they can create permanent rooms !
  10. hellp guys , whom should I talk to ??? to ask them to create a room a public one under this name The Iraqi Public Room we are many Iraqi guys on System link we want such a room for COD Ghosts please anyone to do that for us ???
  11. at least we have some racing gamers :/ , I will join you tomorrow
  12. the place is right :/ , isnt there a way to delete the cover I have added ?? this might get the game back to the list
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