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  1. And does it allow more than one person to play per console? BlackOps2 allowed this but Ghosts didn't. Hope this one allows it.
  2. Considering that Plex started out as a fork of XBMC, it seems appropriate for it to come full circle and return to the Xbox. Kinda poetic...
  3. skuid87

    Forza 2

    I'm a huge Forza fan and got Forza 2 just so I can play online using LiNK/XBUnity. Admittedly, the game feels dated compared to Forza 4, but I'm still up for some sessions.
  4. Just installed this. Awesome work guys! Look forward to future updates. My favourite thing about this dash? SPEED! It's so rapid! Don't know if I was doing something wrong with FSD but that was taking ages at the splash screen. Aurora is quick and takes me right to my games. I hope that as features are added, it does not compromise the speed of the dash. Thanks and keep up the great work.
  5. I'm on 17 too. Maps should all show up with TU 17. Not sure what the problem is.
  6. Should be exactly the same process for CoD. That's how I transfer all my CoD maps. Make sure you have the latest TU installed once you've transferred the maps over.
  7. Is Dashboard 16747 a requirement for tu 11? Everytime I download and activate tu11 via FSD, the game fails to start. I get a message saying the game failed to start.
  8. Thanks for the prompt reply JPizzle. I've cleared the cache but I'm still having the same problem. The download starts and then eventually just stops before it even reached 10%. Status changes to Idle and the TU is in the list but is an incomplete download. Trying with Black Ops 2 and Ghosts. Both have the same problem. Anyone else had this problem and found a resolution?
  9. I'm also having the same problem. Particularly with TU files that are quite large. How do you clear the cache?
  10. I thought disc 2 was just for HD textures. Didn't realise it had gameplay on it too! I just extracted the textures and installed them separately. Hadn't bothered to copy the rest of the disc over but I'll do so now. Thanks.
  11. Been having the same problem since yesterday. Multiple attempts to reset password on multiple account. Tried to create new accounts twice. No luck. No emails coming through at all. Checked and double checked spam etc. My brother is confirmed to be having the same problem. Hope this gets fixed soon and thanks in advance for your help!
  12. Oh and of course make sure you're on the latest TU. When downloading TU manually, make sure you get the right MediaID. Not sure if contpatch makes a difference or not but mine is enables. When you go into NXE, you should be able to browse the USB storage device from settings. Can you see your DLC there (it should come up under games)?
  13. What do you mean my reload of the category? Do another scan? Btw I'm careful to make sure that status is Idle before I even select the category.
  14. I don't know about USBXTAF. Never used that tool but here's how I do it: 1) Format/configure USB drive as Xbox Memory (use NXE dash - Settings/Storage. Select device the configure USB for use as Xbox memory) 2) Use Horizon tool and go to device explorer. 3) Click on 'Inject New File' 4) Select the DLC file(s). Horizon will transfer the content to the drive and automatically place it in the correct directory. That's it. Plug it back into your 360 and see if that works. Hope this helps!
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