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  1. als3

    FSD Game Info

    Me too disabled LiveStrong (Thanks all)
  2. als3

    FSD Game Info

    Tried that, Don't work but used to work.
  3. als3

    FSD Game Info

    The latest version always gave me details before. But lately I don't receive them, also I can't get screenshots to download either! Can you get screenshots? I posted about both problems but got no proper response, about the two problems.
  4. If you labled the games D1&D2 intsalled on hard drive fs3 will not show D1-D2 but you can go to move games using y button push no section and it will list folder namés and paths. Make shure to Cancel so you dont remove game from dashflow. I remove D2 so I dont Have double games showing (depending on which game).
  5. I've added a bunch of new games, rescanned to get covers and screenshots, but I noticed, I no longer get screenshots. I got them before, but not lately. Does any one know why? Also under game description there's no info anymore. Thanks
  6. Screenshots no longer downloading

  7. Screenshots no longer download

  8. This is all I could find. www.gamestop.com/collection/upcoming-video-games Don't know how accurate this is!! 09/20/2014
  9. No, wise answer listen to Swizzy!!! DVD or Drive?
  10. Let me know if it works, I accidently flashed xell ( 0.993 ) twice and it said it updated successfully so I rebooted and no xell anymore. I tried to reflash with computer but now it can't find the flash controller! Controller worked before. I hope it's not some BUG in the new xell 0.993
  11. 13. Enable beta updates ? Under settings
  12. well you know you can use the NXE Dash to install games which would be unlocked just like GOD and would not require you to have to use a disk
  13. also if you have drives over 32 gigs you want to use with fat 32 use a program called guiformat it will format any size drive where Windows will only do 32 gig size drives in fat 32.
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