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  1. All this program does es give me RED Screen every time Program Sucks..
  2. First thing do you have public IP.. end what version of FSD are you using. ??
  3. Area051

    FSD Game Info

    Thanks a lot it worked perfect the LiveStrong was the Problem after it was disable it all worked perfect, thanks for the TIP
  4. Area051

    FSD Game Info

    Refresh art work dont work any more,, dont know why. but it docent work at all even did fresh install from 0 same also..
  5. Area051

    FSD Game Info

    Same like am not the only 1 with this problem.. at the moment
  6. Area051

    FSD Game Info

    Having a tiny little problem with FSD latest version. All my game show Up perfect end everything work fine but the game info does not appear it always says Not Avaible any idea why. here a pic. http://lookpic.com/O/i2/1351/vMsAspro.png I did Refresh Cover Art I did reinstall the FSD all over again nothing.
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