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  1. I just modded my console and it is awsome! The current issue is that all of the games on my external hard drive are listed 2,3 even four times. I do not know how to fix this. I deleted all data and re scanned but same issue. I have the scan setting set at 10 at the moment. For the record I had all of my iso's on my laptop and converted them to GOD using ISO2GOD. I placed them in my CONTENT folder and they all work but as I said they are listed multiple times in FSD. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Moses, great tut. I got stuck however. I have a concole that has an RGH mod. Was running great using xexmenu 1.1 and FSD. I backed up COD black Ops 2 to an external hard drive. Like many others, it froze after starting in campaign mode. I figured I needed an update and followed your tut to a tee. The first problem I encountered was when I tried to download the avitar update. I get an error stating the MD5 does not match. Also now after updating my console, The console freezes at a black screen when I go to load xexmenu 1.1 Im stuck and am looking for a bit of help. FYI the MS dash did update and the xbox plays fine in stock mode. Thanks in advance.
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