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  1. hi how can i reduce the game overlay problem in Aurora. my TV is hd ready and not reduce overlay automatically. i set overlay settings for aurora but menu fits on the screen but game is not. I don't have in FSD overlay problem.
  2. hi i don't look too much time this site. And it's changed. Came to different to me. Aurora is still developed or not? Because update not came too long time. Best Regards, Erhan Onder
  3. Thank you for your kindness and answers...
  4. i don't use a regular update i use a Latest XeBuild GUI. I have a old nand backup and DVD and CPU KEYs if i go to the service rewrite backup nand. it will work or needed reballing and reprogramming... my another question is 17349 dash is rgh compatible or not... because my other xbox360 17150 dashboard installed... i dont know a RGH method in rgh1 rgh2 or r-rgh for problemable xbox... if can i do anything with software....
  5. i press eject button for XeLL Reloaded but device booting normally... what can i do for rgh app will work? i presume nand is wrong updated... i have before nand backup and CPU and DVD Keys...
  6. hi i'm update my xbox360 to 17349 and xex menu not working it's say a corrupted... F3Installer and XeX Menu 1.1 or 1.2 is corrupted please help me...
  7. i'am read but i dont understand this word... any versions over that has so far been useless for anyone that doesn't plan on breaking the TOS for Xbox Live rghed phat xbox is going xbox live or not...
  8. hmm ok then. i install official version of xebuild... basically going online with a modified console i'am use a rgh phat console and not banned for live... am i connect xboxlive and use the xbox live online services... or is rgh not going online? thank you for answer... why are you don't update for latest dashboard?
  9. hey swizzy did you make a new version of xe build for supported 16767 dash?
  10. hi i look wikipedia for xbox360 software update page but page says "16767" update is latest patch but i found other site but i don't trust for 16767 update file because file says "xeBuild_GUI 2.093 (16767)" how to find official latest release for xeBuild Gui for latest dashboard update...
  11. 2.0.16856 version is out now... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_360_system_software
  12. When will come a new version of xebuild? i updated 16756 modded xebuild gui but i dont find 16756.pirs file and i dont use a avatar and dash files... i use a new dasboard after update... i dont want fsd settings is remove for update. when update come i start a new fresh install. for my xbox360....
  13. New Update Has Arrived 2.0.16202 please update this program and we update this dashboard update...
  14. i need a help... i have a same error on my GaDaBaMa program... i have office 2003 already... if i uninstall this version and install 2010 version... can i run perfectly?
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