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  1. definately this one to all involved in getting 0.7b up and running and all testers, and to you also Felida for the default skin with music
  2. If i had an emoji for rubbing hands together, id be using it right now. lol
  3. One word.... "perfect" Managed to get my music file into your Default music skin setup, and it works like a charm. thanks alot Felida. Your a Legend!!!
  4. Awesome, Thanks Felida. .7b does look impressive. im sure alot of ppl are hanging for its release.
  5. Any luck yet with the musical default skin Felida?? If you havent had any time to do it yet, its all good.
  6. Awesome Felida, i have no problem with waiting. Maybe as a test you can use my song file as the music for your default skin. that would be fantastic
  7. I have downloaded xuiworkshop, but it says it's missing Trunk/extension or something like that, it opens but i have no idea what to do obviously. i have audacity now as well. For some reason all the skins i have downloaded. eg, your default music skin and even your 1st musical skins, darkened red, blue and darkened green, none of which show up on my list of changeable skins, even before i tinker with them (freshly downloaded and straight onto xbox console, and they dont show up). i can only see my default skin. so i think im fighting a losing battle to start with, unless you have some patience with me and can kinda guide me, but honestly i dont know fuck all about computers, i just found out that "crtl a" selects all. dont laugh. but me and computers just dont agree. id need everything simplified to bare basics. its taken me like 30 mins just to write this. lol
  8. Thanks Felida for having a look. Both of those files were the downloaded file from your post that i just changed the sound/song1 file... which i did change to the same song name, i just renamed it, so i knew which one was which. one of those skins did show up, but no music, i tinked a bit more and then then that skin didnt show up any more, which got my blood boiling. I had another muck around last night and this skin again shows up but with no music. i used the program to convert the music to wav format from your tut. my major problem is when i follow your tut, after you select the main.xur file and another page opens up in your tut.... i dont get that to happen. ive tried looking for this so called XDK program, but i dont know where to look, cant find it, and when i find something and download it, my computer hates it
  9. So here is my attempts... as you can see music is where it needs to be, with my music on it, but not showing up in my skins list on aurora after installation of the files. all ive done is removed the original music and replaced with mine, im just wasting time, goin around in circles Default1.xzp default_music.xzp
  10. this is where i got the default skin from and tried to make it work, like i said... i had my music file in replacement of the one felida put up, but it never had music after i installed it onto my console, then after that the skin didnt even show up. now here is the other problem, i have no idea what xdk is but i tried to download xuitool, but i cant get it to work like felida does and my computer hates the program. i just figured it would be easier if someone could do it for me as ive already spent hours and loss of hair trying to get this to work. it doesnt look complex with someone with computer skills. but trust me my friend when i say i know nothing about computers. surely it couldnt be hard for someone to take 5mins out of their day to help out?? i know i would if i could, but thats just me. i hope someone is kind enough to help. its not too much to ask
  11. I was wondering if someone with the correct tools and some computer smarts could please help me out. I'm after a normal standard default aurora skin with the song i have listed below in this post? I've tried myself and dont have all the required tools, i had converted the music to wav format already, i was able to add my song to another default skin and could see my song in the list, but when i added it to my xbox the music did not play, i tinkered a bit more and now the skin doesnt even show up. to put it simply... i have no idea what im doing, i had tried for hours with many different attempts all with no luck at all, if someone knows how to do this?? and if its no dramas, and could repost the default skin with my music file, i would be mostly appreciated. Thanks song1.wav
  12. Sounds good to me felida, it doesnt seem to effect anything, just pops up every now and again when turning on the console and the dash screen has just loaded. I just wanted to make sure that nothing was currupt or something was going wrong with the console or aurora. I guess i'll wait for the new aurora to come out and update and see what happens. Thanks so much for your time and efforts, i can imagine minor stuff like this maybe annoying for you guys to answer, but i'd just like to be reassured that everything will be ok, so im happy for the time being, if you think its just a minor bug. cheers felida and swizzy for your inputs over the last few weeks, most apprieciated.
  13. I've had a look and found that my local was already set to english. I also think Jimmy (from a few posts up) had done the same thing as i had, and still had errors. Swizzy said he'd look into my log files, but that was quite a while ago, and i've never heard back. Thats why i've added to this post to see if anyone else might have an idea of whats going on.
  14. thanks for the response felida, i wil try your theory and let you know