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3.5" HDD Internalization

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Grabbed this off of Xbox-Scene, so props go to FrostyTheSnowman over there for the great tutorial!

This guide is for people that have a jtag'd system, because it won't work with retail system! So no jtag, no point!

Anyway, as we all know the 360 is designed only to be used with a 2.5" laptop sized hard drive and as such only supports 5v, which means that we are unable to connect full sized 3.5" hard drives to the motherboard without some type of external power supply...

This tutorial will show you how to solder a 12v/5v SATA power connector and standard SATA data cable straight to the motherboard and allow you to use any SATA hdd of your choice (2.5" and 3.5").

Step 1: Disassemble your 360 all the way down to the motherboard (not covered in this tutorial, search for it)

Step 2: Solder your SATA data cable as shown below: (make sure you do not forget to wire the ground wires otherwise your SATA cable will be subject to interference and may not detect your HDD)

Posted Image

Step 3: Run your SATA data cable along the bottom of your motherboard as shown below:

Posted Image

Step 4: Put your motherboard back inside the metal cage, and let your SATA data cable feed out in front of the fans as shown below:

Posted Image

Step 5: Solder your SATA power cable as shown below:

Posted Image

That is the basis of the tutorial! The rest that Frosty gives is he drills a hole in the case and has the 3.5" on the outside of the box. So I mean if you want to, you can do that or take the DVD Drive out, and replace it with the Hard Drive!

I'll be doing this when my 1TB ships, so once that's here I'll post pics of it internalized because I've got a jtag with dead DVD Drive, so will post pics when it's done!

Again, thanks to FrostyTheSnowman over at Xbox-Scene for the great, easy-to-follow guide, and the pics!

I take no credit to this, I'm just posting it here for others that haven't seen it! It was all Frosty that did it!

You can catch the original thread here.

Once again, thanks to Frosty!

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I actually did this mod when I had a phat system, and can confirm it working! What's nice to do, is take all the internal stuff out of the DVD Drive (If you don't plan on using it), and put the HDD in there. Then you have it in a secure place, not hitting around inside the Xbox!

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Hi, everyone!

Thanks to the tutorial I made for myself a 3.5" mod. But I wanted to make it more safe in use, so that cables are connected in a more pro way :) . The project is not finished because the plastic case is not ready...

1) Here is how I made connection with the SATA cable GREEN, 12v YELLOW, gnd BLACK, and 5v taken from the other row of pins in sata section, because when You take 5v from the power supply connector the 5v is always there.


The picture is not mine, but the sata, and power lines are :)

2) I made a big holes in my metal case, and put a sata+power connector


3) top view


4) and view with sata, and power cables connected



I will publish to you photos when I will finish

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